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CrazyBusyTown up ahead

June 6, 2010

Occupant:  ME!!!

Hi all….been away for a bit but I’ve been a busy bee.  And things are just kicking into high gear over the next few weeks.

I’m starting a new round of teaching boot camp this week, and I have a 5:45 AM class and 7 PM class to teach Monday and Wednesday for the next 6 weeks.  Plus this week I have manager hours, clients, and life to fit in.  Monday and Tuesday will be starting off around 5 AM and going until 8 PM without a lot of rest in between!

Luckily things slow down a bit towards the end of the week.

To help with my busy bee life, I bought a new lunch satchel at CostCo yesterday.  SO EXCITED (I get excited easily)

100_3869 100_3870


It came with a stainless steel reusable water bottle and an ice pack.  The front has a pocket for holding things like silverware or food that doesn’t need cooling.  Plenty of room inside to pack up yogurt, sammies, salads and fruit to fuel my busy days!

I will be at the gym for hours at a time leading boot camp, working, and probably fitting some workouts in so I need to be prepared with some healthy eats.

My new lunch box will be perfect to help me reach this goal. I’m planning to prep a few meals and snacks tonight for the first few busy days of my week so I can just grab and go in the morning.



I need something to train for and I haven’t found anything that is pulling me in right now.

Off to get some Vitamin D and enjoy some of this weather!!!

You Say It’s Your Birthday?

June 1, 2010

It’s my birthday too!!!

Yep, today is my birthday…and it is also the 7th anniversary of my husband and I meeting.  Lots to celebrate!

It was a fun weekend filled with work, some workouts, hanging out with friends and fun.

Last night we went out to celebrate my birthday and watch the Blackhawks game since I have to work every night this week.

It was fun and the Blackhawks WON!

We went to the bar where my hubby and I met on my birthday 7 years ago.

Shenanigans ensued!

100_3859 100_3867

(Disclaimer:  I am NOT drunk in this pic although it does look like it. Just can’t keep my eyes open to save my life in pics!!!)

100_3861 100_3862

My friend Tammy met us out too and we tried to take a nice pic together…

100_3856 100_3858

My hubby got me that cute Blackhawks shirt and hat for my birthday.  I’m officially on the Hawks bandwagon!!

It was fun and I’m glad I got to relax and enjoy some of the weekend.  Plans for my actual birthday today include gym time, magazine reading, and then some appointments with clients this evening.

I made a delish cucumber dip the other day I want to share. 


–Greek yogurt





–Squeeze of lemon

I had about 1/3 of a container of plain fat free greek yogurt in the fridge so I finely chopped about 1/3 of a cucumber and 1/3 of an onion and added it to the container along with salt, pepper and some garlic powder to taste plus a squeeze of lemon.

Dipped some cucumbers and pita chips in it for a light, fat free and delicious dip that took minutes to make!

100_3846 100_3847

Here is my latest favorite snack:

Slice a green apple into thin slices and spread peanut butter in between to make little sandwiches.

So pretty!

100_3852 100_3850

Here is Mr. Prince waiting for me on the deck Sunday morning.  We read the paper together and had some coffee while Georgie and daddy were sleeping!


Did you all have a nice three day weekend?

Any big goals now that summer is here??  The pool opens June 7 and I CAN’T WAIT!

Workout Domination

May 26, 2010

Right now I’m focusing on getting into a good groove with my strength training workouts and I think I have found a good breakdown for my schedule.

Mon-Upper body and cardio

Tues-Abs and cardio

Wed-Rest day

Thurs-Lower body and cardio

Fri-Abs and cardio

Sat-Full body and cardio

Sun-Rest day

I can change it up as needed though…it is flexible.  This week I’m not resting on Wednesday, I’m doing lower body and cardio because I work from 9-7 on Friday and won’t have time to workout.  Sunday is a rest day on the schedule but I may end up doing things like riding my bike or playing tennis.

For cardio I have been trying to do about 45 minutes at a time…such as 30 on the treadmill followed by 15 on the ARC trainer or vice-versa.

So far so good…I have dominated my workouts on Monday and Tuesday!

I have come up with the following so far for my workouts, 3 circuits of each.


Jump off and on BOSU (warm up) 12x

Stand on BOSU lateral raises with 10 lb dumbbells x 10

Stand on BOSU front raises with 10 lb dumbbells x 10

Seated shoulder press 50 lbs x 12

Incline chest press 50 lbs x 12

Seated upright row 30 lbs x 15

Barbell curls 20 lbs x 12   (not sure on the weight exactly as it is not a standard bar)

Overhead triceps extension with 25 lb dumbbell x 15


Rollouts on stability ball/Smith machine  12

Reverse crunches 12

Toe touch side to side reaches 12 each side

Glute bridge 12

Single leg lifts 12 each leg

Planks 1 minute

Decline crunches on bench 12

Woodchops with cable high to low 50 lbs x 12 each side

Russian twists with 8 lb med ball x 12 each side


Weighted squats 30 lbs x 15

Side lunges to knee up to reverse lunge to knee up 30 lbs x 12 each side

Glute kickbacks with cable 35 lbs x 15 each leg

Hamstring curls using stability ball 15

Leg press machine

Calf raise machine 90 lbs x 12

Walking forward weighted lunges 30 lbs x 10 each leg

That is as far as I’ve gotten for the week, I am off to do the lower body workout today!  I still have to come up with the full body routine but I will likely be incorporating some plyometrics and sprints into that workout.

I plan to try this plan out for about a month or so and see how it goes.

Any suggestions are welcome for anything I’ve left out.  Nothing specific for back in my upper body routine, I should probably incorporate something for that.

Hope everyone has the beautiful weather that we are enjoying right now…Memorial Day weekend and summer kickoff here we come!

What’s Next?

May 24, 2010

Hey there bloggies…hope everyone had a great weekend!

I got in my first tennis and first bike riding of the season and we also had wonderfully hot temperatures. 

Sunday started with breakfast, coffee and the newspaper on the deck and ended with 4 hours of Lost series finale.

In between I managed to get my bike out for the first ride of the season.  I missed it!

Took the bike to the trail and did approximately 13 miles in 60 minutes which I was fairly happy with for my first time out on the trail for the season.

I wore my new pink skull bondi band that Molly got me at the half marathon under my helmet and it kept the sweat and hair from creeping out!



13 miles, total time with loading/unloading bike from car: 1 hr 10 minutes

673 calories, 143 average heart rate, 167 max heart rate

I attribute that calorie burn to the fact that it was HOT outside!

I am leaning towards getting some clip in shoes as well.  I can see now after spin class all winter that the clip in shoes would make such a difference.

So I’ve gotten the half marathon completed, what is next for this Adventures in Tri-ing girl?

I don’t know right now, but I have a few ideas percolating in my head!

Want to stick with me and go along for the ride??

I know I want to focus on strength training and losing some weight for the short term, so I will probably be posting some great workouts here, as well as cleaning up my eats (what’s new).

Hope you will all stick around, I think I will continue blogging at least a few times a week cuz it’s fun!


Adventures in Tri-ing

The Conclusion

May 21, 2010

Did you miss the first 2 recap posts of my half marathon? 

Click Part One

Click Part Two

I left off with the starting line of the 2010 Green Bay Cellcom Marathon.  There were about 7,000 people participating….wow!


I started off running with a friend of my friend’s brother as we were about the same pace.  Molly and her brother took off and tried to beat their times from last year.

As we started off we passed our hotel and I spied my parents standing outside and got to wave hello!

I felt pretty good right from the get-go so I knew I could complete the race.  I had been VERY nervous for this race…more nervous than I was for my triathlon!  I have done a lot of 5k’s and of course my sprint triathlon last year, but never did I have nerves like this.  The combination of my injury and not having run for 2 weeks was weighing on me.  But I could tell right away that I could do it, so I started visualizing crossing the finish line and how exciting that would be!

The water stops were every 1.5 miles so I knew I had some good landmarks along the way.  Sarah and I were running along about a 10:30 pace and went through the first water stop.  The sun came out and it actually got warm.  It was a great day for running. 

I lost Sarah at the 2nd water stop as it was crowded and I actually have to STOP to drink…so I stood on the sidelines.  I don’t know how people can run and drink at the same time.  At the first water stop which was about 3 miles into it, my heart rate was THROUGH  the roof already and that was making me slightly woozy.  I started getting a little worried about that, so I drank a few little cups of Gatorade and felt better and took off again.

Ran into my husband at about mile 4…yippee! (those are tissues tucked into my shirt, not a flower!)


He told me “see you at mile 10” and I took off.  That got me through the next 6 miles!  I knew if I could just make it to mile 10 I would have a friendly face again.

The next 6 miles seemed like a blur.  I walked through each water stop which of course slowed my pace down, but I was able to drink some Gatorade and water, get my heart rate down a bit and stretch my calf.

I kept visualizing the finish line and how exciting it would be, and how proud I would be.

It was getting warm out, and my butt and hamstrings were aching! But I kept going.

My husband met me at Mile 10 and I gave him my hoodie and he brought me some Powerade…yay!  I knew I was almost there, but I was struggling.  He told me I could do it and he would be waiting at the finish line for me.

I came up finally on the split point for the marathoners and half marathoners and knew I only had about a mile to go.  We were approaching Lambeau Field again at this point and could hear the spectators!

I started getting excited to run through Lambeau Field as the final part of our race.

(For those not in the know, Lambeau Field aka the Frozen Tundra is where the Green Bay Packers play and is holy ground for us fans!!)

I crossed into the tunnel and ran out onto the field.  At this point I was being passed by some marathoners!!!  Speed demons!

Here are some pics my hubs got as he waited in the field

100_3819 100_3824

I walked the first half of the field just to take it all in and reserve some strength for a strong finish.

Then I took off for the finish line and ran out of the tunnel into the parking lot for the last .10 mile.

I crossed the finish line all alone so the announcer actually screamed out “let’s hear it for Courtney crossing the finish line!”   HOW COOL IS THAT!

100_3826 100_3827

Final time was 2:43 which wasn’t what I wanted, but I’ll take it.  I finished!

I got my medal, some water, my t-shirt and found my parents and husband.  I just kept moving because my butt and hammies were so sore.


Found Molly and we took a few funny “after” photos.

100_3832 100_3836

Yes, Molly has a tiara on her headband!! LOL!

Here we are showing how we can barely stand up:


I loved it even though it was hard.  Thank you so much to all the encouragement from my blog friends, facebook friends, work and family!  It meant a lot to me and I knew I HAD to finish so I would have a good report.

I’ve been on the Arc trainer once and did an incline treadmill run once this week and there don’t seem to be any lingering ill effects and I am itching to get back to regular workouts.

What’s next?  Stay tuned……

Run Like the Cops Are Chasing You

May 19, 2010

That was what my favorite sign said during the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon this past Sunday!

There were 2 guys holding up the sign along the path and mind you, they were standing pretty close to some police officers who were standing in the intersection to keep up safe.  HA!!

Another good one said:  “your feet hurt so much because you are kicking so much butt!”  Awesome!!

I can’t say enough good things about the 2010 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.  There were tons of volunteers and spectators that lined the entire course.  Never ever was I alone at any point on the course.  There were water stops every 1.5 miles and people camped out in their front yards to cheer us on as we ran through. 

In one driveway there was a dj with turntables and speakers, one driveway had a full rock band rocking out, people had water for us.  Mind you…this was all at 8 AM on Sunday!

I wanted to give a quick recap before I move on to the next phase in my life and blog.

Headed up to Green Bay from Chicago on Saturday morning and got to Lambeau Field to meet up with my parents and my best friend Molly (here from New York) and her brother Matt to get our packets at the expo.

Fun and photo shoots ensued!

100_3751 100_3753

100_3752 100_3758

We hung out at the expo for a bit and I picked up a 13.1 sticker for my car to really encourage me to get across the finish line!

We also got our “official” race photos taken.  Everyone else was acting like it was their senior picture and being very serious.  Of course we had to take it to the next level and act like idiots. Just look at Matt……OMG!!!!!!!


Here is my “running face”


HAHAHAHAHA!!!  We were cracking ourselves up.

We split off and we went back to the hotel to check in and get ready for our evening.  We had a dinner planned at the Brett Favre Steakhouse (the WHOLE Green Bay experience!).

Right across from this sight:


Got dressed up and headed to dinner where my family had planned a mini little surprise birthday party for me since we were all together.  So fun!  We had a great dinner and cake.

Plus presents!!  For those that asked it was a Coach purse from my momma!

100_3778 100_3779

100_3786 100_3784

100_3785 100_3797

We went back to hotel and settled in after I got all my stuff ready for the morning:


Morning came early!  I put on the shirt that Molly designed for me.  M&C Embassy is a joke going back to when we were 12…and I absolutely LOVE the pink skull she put on the back of it!!!

100_3804 100_3806

Got to the start line and got revved up.  We all made a plan (me, Molly, Matt and a friend of Matt’s Sarah) that we wouldn’t try to stick together…everyone would just run at their own speed.

100_3811 100_3816

Part II coming soon!!!  The race…..

Wordless Monday

May 17, 2010

This will be an almost wordless post.  I finished my first half marathon this weekend in 2:43.  Slower than I wanted, but I did end up having to walk occasionally due to being very sore and a little woozy at points.  But I’m happy with my time and my race.  I had a great weekend with a great caddy-my husband, a mini early surprise birthday party from my parents, my BFF Molly and her family and the awesome race put on by Green Bay. 

I leave you with some pics from the weekend…I promise to post a full race update this week!

100_3841 100_3838

100_3751 100_3760

100_3780 100_3781

100_3783 100_3799

100_3802 100_3820

100_3829 100_3832


I’m Alive!!!

May 6, 2010

Hey blog land…I’m alive and kicking but not blogging so much.  Why?  Because I have been working my booty off!! Trying to build up my personal training clientele takes up time and I have been working some crazy hours.  But I love it…I have about 10 clients plus my boot camp and I really am enjoying it.  I’m also in the gym working out, running, foam rolling, etc etc.

Not much new to report except I had a less than stellar run on Sunday.  Was supposed to do 11, ended up cutting it off at about 7.5.  I started feeling a twinge in my groin area (and not a good twinge) that felt like it could turn into an injury if I pushed it, so I called it a day and haven’t run since!

I have been doing lifting and going to town on the ARC trainer as cross training and the twinge is gone so I think today I’m going to hit the trail and run.  I am in taper mode right now as the Green Bay Half Marathon is next weekend, but I still want to put some miles in.

I have been doing some pretty awesome strength workouts though, and that combined with a layer of self tanner has gotten me a few compliments on my muscles lately….sweeeeeet! :>  The miracles of self tanner.

I’ve also been rocking out the ARC trainer.  I try to go between 30 and 45 minutes on it and I pick a program, put it on level 10 (highest level) and GO.  I feel like it is a good cross training alternative to running and I burn some decent calories doing it.

Here are a few of my strength workouts I’ve been doing…if you have questions about any of the moves email me! Always happy to answer questions about fitness.

Workout one:

Superset the exercises:

Deadlifts 50 lbs x 10 x 3 (working on these)/Bench press 60 x 10 x 3

Smith machine incline pullups (training myself to do real pullups) x 10/Lat pulldowns 80lbs x 15 x 3

Shoulder press machine 50lbs x 12 x 3

Bosu Get Up and Get Downs 15 x 3 (start seated on bosu, stand up and sit down-great exercise!)

Glute bridge 15 x 3

Side plank (forearm) each side 30 seconds

Side plank (straight arm) each side 30 seconds


Workout two:

Lat pulldown 80 lbs x 15 x 3 (did drop sets last set…wheeeee!)

Pull up machine

Seated row (used cable machine and bench) 80 lbs x 15 x 3 (drop sets last set)

Back extension 15 x 3

Shrugs with dumbbells 25 lbs x 12, 25 lbs x 15

21’s  12 lbs x 3 sets

Hammer curls 15 lbs x 10 x 3 (drop sets last set)



Workout three:


Triceps kickbacks 15lbs x 15 x3/Barbell Row 30 lbs x 15 x3

Hip adduction/Hip abduction/Glute kickbacks on cable machine

Squats on Bosu with 15lbs dumbbells x 15/Cable woodchops high to low 50 lbs x 12

Russian twists with 8 lbs med ball 20 x 3/Stability ball pass from hands to feet 12 x 3


Workout four:

Stand on round side of Bosu:

Shoulder presses 20 lbs dumbbells x 15 x 3

Hammer curls 20 lbs dumbbells x 12 x 3

Glute bridge on bosu with tricep pullover 25 lbs x 15 x 3

Chest press on bench 25 lb dumbbells x 12 x 3

Lat pulldown 80 lbs x 15 x 3

Twists with cable 40 lbs x 10 each side x 3

Planks 45 seconds x 3

Side toe touches 10 each way x 3


Hope this gives you some good ideas for some fun and effective strength workouts!  I’m off to hit the trail for a hopefully successful run and have some clients to train later. 

Redemption at 11 miles (fueled by birthday cake and MGD64)

April 26, 2010

Blogging has NOT been happening lately!  I’m sure my readers have noticed…if I have any left after being so neglectful!

To be honest, when I was unemployed I had a lot more time to blog, and a lot more inclination.  It was a way to reach out to the world and connect with others when I wasn’t leaving the house very much and it was a nice way to communicate.

Now that I am working as a personal trainer and have become busy and around other people a lot, the place in my life that was taken up by blogging doesn’t have as much room.  I think blogging came along at a time in my life when I needed to reach out and make some kind of connection, and I’m appreciative of that.  I feel like that time may be coming to an end.

I’m going to blog through the half marathon journey May 16, and from there I will see what I want to do next.  I may find a new adventure to pursue and want to blog about it! I may see that blogging has come to it’s natural end and I might stop.  I’m not sure right now.  But I do want to let you all know how the half marathon goes as I have gotten such great support from all of you on this journey to reach my goal…I owe it to you all to let you know how it goes!

So, serious stuff out of the way, let’s talk the challenges and trials of training!

When I left you last I killed a great 10 mile run and was feeling on top of the world! When I headed out on Tuesday to do a “easy” 6 mile run I had confidence galore.  After all, I had killed a 10 mile run alone and 6 miles seemed like it would be so easy in comparison.  I started out on the trail on a beautiful day and started to run.

UGH!!!!!!!!  Right from the start I felt bad.  Lungs- NO  Legs-NO  Brain- NONONONONON!!! 

That is what my body was screaming.  It was the worst run I think I have ever had! I had bad pains in my calves and hip flexors.  I stopped constantly to drink some powerade and stretch but nothing was helping.  I was hot, then it was cold, couldn’t get comfortable, couldn’t get a pace.  I made the executive decision to cut off the run at 5 miles and NOT run the rest of the week.

The schedule was 6 miles, 6 miles, 11 miles but I cut the second 6 mile run.  All week long I hit the Arc trainer for some cardio cross training, lifted and did foam rolling.

I knew I need to conquer my 11 miles and was determined to redeem my horrible 5 mile run from earlier in the week.

So the night before my run I had a surprise party for one of my dearest friends in the world…Tammy!!  Tammy is a friend I have had for a long time and she ran the Chicago Marathon twice…my hero!!!!!!!!!

(here is a pic of us from my wedding and a turkey trot years ago…I need more current pics!!!!!!!!!)

Tam wedding pic   Turkey Trot with Tam

Tammy was VERY surprised and the party went well.  I decided the best fuel for my 11 mile run would be a HUGE piece of chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting and a few MGD 64s. 

MMMM!! Dinner of champions!

Happy Birthday month Tam…glad you were surprised!!!!!!!

I woke up Sunday almost hoping it was pouring so I couldn’t run but no, it was not raining, and the sun was even peeking out!

I ate an egg, bagel thin, turkey bacon sammy and an orange, drank 2 cups of coffee and let it all digest.  I got dressed and ready and headed out on the trail for my 11.

As usual, denial worked for me.  5.5 miles out…I would worry about the 5.5 miles back when I got there!

I took off on the trail and knew right away that taking a week off was the best thing I could have done.  My legs felt great and I was making GREAT time!!  I ran under a 10 minute mile for a lot of the first 5 miles.  However, as I got closer and closer to the halfway point where I was going to turn around at 5.5 the sky got darker and darker…some major rain was looming.  I decided to turn around at 5 miles and head back to try and out run the rain.

The next 5 was a bit slower, my legs were getting a little sore.  Everytime I stopped to get some Powerade it was harder and harder to get going again.  But I knew I could do it!!!

I make it to 9 miles and it got rough.  I knew I had 2 miles to go…that was it.  I could do this!  I was going to redeem myself.  I chanted my mantra “dig deep dig deep dig deep dig deep” and just ran.  My first 10 miles were FASTER again than my previous 2!! I don’t have the exact time but I’m pretty sure I took at least a minute off my 10 mile time again due to my speedy first half.

I made it to where I got off the trail and go to my car and I still had a half mile left due to turning around early.  So I turned around and ran back .25 miles, then back .25 to finish it off.  I beat the rain, I got a new personal distance record (PDR) and I ran ELEVEN MILES ALL ALONE AND ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!


11 miles

Run time: 1 hr 54 minutes

Total time: includes warmup and stretching 2 hrs 8 minutes

1571 calories (whoa!)

162 average HR, 179 max HR

I feel good about it and I know I could run 2 more miles if I have to so I feel ready for the half.

The training plan for this week is 6 miles, 6 miles and 11 miles…the last long run before the half.

I may decide to do a 6 mile run plus lots of cross training followed by the 11 miles this Sunday as that seems to work well for me.

Ok…sorry for the LOOOOONG post.  See you all soon!!!!!

Road Runner Karoake + 10 miles

April 19, 2010

Happy Monday morning bloggies!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.

I’ve already been up and to work for an early morning client and now I’m home for breakfast, laundry and hopefully a nap before I head back to work.

I have lots of great workouts to report in on from the past few days.

Since I left you last, I had to complete a 6 mile and 10 mile training run for my half marathon.

Thursday I headed out to the trail to complete my 6 mile run.  UGH right from the beginning! My legs were tired from my hard core workout the day before.  BAD IDEA!!

Also, it was about 72 degrees and I was running on blacktop.  This is the hottest it had been in months and it definitely affected me.  I stopped about every 2 miles to take some Powerade. 

I ran out 3 miles on the trail and then turned around.  Mile 3 I was dying.  Luckily, I had a new playlist and that is what got me through.

Karoake time!! As I was running I just focused on the tunes.  A little “Van Hagar” got me through the roughest part of my run where I just wanted to give up.  I was running along singing “Don’t Tell me What Love Can Do” at the top of my lungs.  I’m sure the other bikers and runners on the path enjoyed it as well.

It was not my best run ever, it was hot and felt long and not only mentally but physically rough.  BUT I DID IT.


.25 mile warm up, .35 mile cooldown

Total time: 1 hr 33 minutes

6 mile run time: 1:02

1,061 calories (the heat made me work harder and burn more calories!!)

156 average HR, 186 max HR

Friday after some clients at work I did a short and sweet little strength workout and lots and lots of foam rolling.

Saturday I worked and had clients and made it a total rest from exercise in preparation for my 10 miles on Sunday.

Now that I know how tough 10 miles is, I decided that my new training protocol was going to be DENIAL!!  It worked great too, especially since I knew I was running alone…no wind beneath my wings like last Sunday.  I had to dig deep and do the 10 miles without anyone to cheer me on.

DENIAL part 1:  I kept telling myself I only had to do a 5 mile run.  And this was technically true, I had to do a 5 mile run.  Then turn around and run another 5 mile run.  But I didn’t think about that part.

DENIAL part 2: Do a fun supermodel photo shoot beforehand to distract myself.

100_3695  100_3697

Headed out to the trail and decided to go the opposite way on the trail that I usually do to get a new viewpoint on life.

It was shady, cool temps, and tons of peeps out on bikes, walking, running and hanging with their dogs. 

DENIAL part 3: Just keep running!

Last time we did the 10 miles we stopped about every 2 miles to take a break and drink some fluids, and towards the end I also stopped a few times to stretch.

This time around I felt great…my feet and legs were flying and my lungs were breathing deep so I just kept running! I ran all the way to the halfway point of 5 miles without taking a break.  Then I stopped and stretched my legs for a minute and drank some Powerade.

At this point the hubby called and was home from the dog park so he offered to head out on the trail on my bike and meet up with me for the last few miles. 

I turned around and headed back for the second half of the run.  My knee had stiffened up and I felt a little sore from stopping, but I got my pace back.

Thanks to all the friendly runners and dog walkers who encouraged me! I love when people randomly cheer you on while you on the path.  You don’t know how much that keeps me going!

I kept running and running…it was a very pretty path with lots of water and I also found another place with bathrooms…always good to know.  I kept running and wondering where the heck my hubs was…how long does it take to bike a few miles!!! I got to having 2.20 miles left to go and he still hadn’t trekked down the trail towards me so I stopped to take a drink and call him.

Turns out he made it about a 1.5 down the trail and got a flat tire!!!!!!  He was just ahead of me on the trail so I loaded back up and ran down to meet him.

He ended up running the bike a little ahead of me for the last 2 miles as I turned on the speed.

I was determined to beat my first 10 miler time, and I was feeling MUCH better than I did during the last 2 miles the first time I ran 10.

The last half mile I ran at about a 9:35 pace……wheeeee!

I ended up beating my last 10 mile time by OVER A MINUTE!  And this time my heart rate monitor was working correctly so I had all my stats.


.25 mile warmup, .25 cooldown, 10 mile run

Total time (with stretching too): 2 hrs 8 minutes

Total time for 10 miles: 1 hr 45 minutes

1551 calories

161 average HR, 176 max HR

This weeks agenda is full of work, clients, and 2 six mile training runs and one 11 mile training run.  Less than a month to the Green Bay half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!