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The Conclusion

May 21, 2010

Did you miss the first 2 recap posts of my half marathon? 

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I left off with the starting line of the 2010 Green Bay Cellcom Marathon.  There were about 7,000 people participating….wow!


I started off running with a friend of my friend’s brother as we were about the same pace.  Molly and her brother took off and tried to beat their times from last year.

As we started off we passed our hotel and I spied my parents standing outside and got to wave hello!

I felt pretty good right from the get-go so I knew I could complete the race.  I had been VERY nervous for this race…more nervous than I was for my triathlon!  I have done a lot of 5k’s and of course my sprint triathlon last year, but never did I have nerves like this.  The combination of my injury and not having run for 2 weeks was weighing on me.  But I could tell right away that I could do it, so I started visualizing crossing the finish line and how exciting that would be!

The water stops were every 1.5 miles so I knew I had some good landmarks along the way.  Sarah and I were running along about a 10:30 pace and went through the first water stop.  The sun came out and it actually got warm.  It was a great day for running. 

I lost Sarah at the 2nd water stop as it was crowded and I actually have to STOP to drink…so I stood on the sidelines.  I don’t know how people can run and drink at the same time.  At the first water stop which was about 3 miles into it, my heart rate was THROUGH  the roof already and that was making me slightly woozy.  I started getting a little worried about that, so I drank a few little cups of Gatorade and felt better and took off again.

Ran into my husband at about mile 4…yippee! (those are tissues tucked into my shirt, not a flower!)


He told me “see you at mile 10” and I took off.  That got me through the next 6 miles!  I knew if I could just make it to mile 10 I would have a friendly face again.

The next 6 miles seemed like a blur.  I walked through each water stop which of course slowed my pace down, but I was able to drink some Gatorade and water, get my heart rate down a bit and stretch my calf.

I kept visualizing the finish line and how exciting it would be, and how proud I would be.

It was getting warm out, and my butt and hamstrings were aching! But I kept going.

My husband met me at Mile 10 and I gave him my hoodie and he brought me some Powerade…yay!  I knew I was almost there, but I was struggling.  He told me I could do it and he would be waiting at the finish line for me.

I came up finally on the split point for the marathoners and half marathoners and knew I only had about a mile to go.  We were approaching Lambeau Field again at this point and could hear the spectators!

I started getting excited to run through Lambeau Field as the final part of our race.

(For those not in the know, Lambeau Field aka the Frozen Tundra is where the Green Bay Packers play and is holy ground for us fans!!)

I crossed into the tunnel and ran out onto the field.  At this point I was being passed by some marathoners!!!  Speed demons!

Here are some pics my hubs got as he waited in the field

100_3819 100_3824

I walked the first half of the field just to take it all in and reserve some strength for a strong finish.

Then I took off for the finish line and ran out of the tunnel into the parking lot for the last .10 mile.

I crossed the finish line all alone so the announcer actually screamed out “let’s hear it for Courtney crossing the finish line!”   HOW COOL IS THAT!

100_3826 100_3827

Final time was 2:43 which wasn’t what I wanted, but I’ll take it.  I finished!

I got my medal, some water, my t-shirt and found my parents and husband.  I just kept moving because my butt and hammies were so sore.


Found Molly and we took a few funny “after” photos.

100_3832 100_3836

Yes, Molly has a tiara on her headband!! LOL!

Here we are showing how we can barely stand up:


I loved it even though it was hard.  Thank you so much to all the encouragement from my blog friends, facebook friends, work and family!  It meant a lot to me and I knew I HAD to finish so I would have a good report.

I’ve been on the Arc trainer once and did an incline treadmill run once this week and there don’t seem to be any lingering ill effects and I am itching to get back to regular workouts.

What’s next?  Stay tuned……

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  1. Jen permalink
    May 21, 2010 3:08 pm

    Congrats Court, you did an excellent job!

    Be proud.

  2. corinne permalink
    May 21, 2010 8:17 pm


  3. May 22, 2010 2:03 am

    Woohoo!Great race report and great husband support! I hope you’re taking the time to be proud of yourself. 🙂

  4. fattiefatterton permalink
    May 22, 2010 4:47 am

    That must have been so cool to run on the field! I’m so happy for you. You had a great run!! 😀

  5. May 23, 2010 2:19 pm

    Amazing finish for an amazing run!! You fought through it and finished strong!

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