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Redemption at 11 miles (fueled by birthday cake and MGD64)

April 26, 2010

Blogging has NOT been happening lately!  I’m sure my readers have noticed…if I have any left after being so neglectful!

To be honest, when I was unemployed I had a lot more time to blog, and a lot more inclination.  It was a way to reach out to the world and connect with others when I wasn’t leaving the house very much and it was a nice way to communicate.

Now that I am working as a personal trainer and have become busy and around other people a lot, the place in my life that was taken up by blogging doesn’t have as much room.  I think blogging came along at a time in my life when I needed to reach out and make some kind of connection, and I’m appreciative of that.  I feel like that time may be coming to an end.

I’m going to blog through the half marathon journey May 16, and from there I will see what I want to do next.  I may find a new adventure to pursue and want to blog about it! I may see that blogging has come to it’s natural end and I might stop.  I’m not sure right now.  But I do want to let you all know how the half marathon goes as I have gotten such great support from all of you on this journey to reach my goal…I owe it to you all to let you know how it goes!

So, serious stuff out of the way, let’s talk the challenges and trials of training!

When I left you last I killed a great 10 mile run and was feeling on top of the world! When I headed out on Tuesday to do a “easy” 6 mile run I had confidence galore.  After all, I had killed a 10 mile run alone and 6 miles seemed like it would be so easy in comparison.  I started out on the trail on a beautiful day and started to run.

UGH!!!!!!!!  Right from the start I felt bad.  Lungs- NO  Legs-NO  Brain- NONONONONON!!! 

That is what my body was screaming.  It was the worst run I think I have ever had! I had bad pains in my calves and hip flexors.  I stopped constantly to drink some powerade and stretch but nothing was helping.  I was hot, then it was cold, couldn’t get comfortable, couldn’t get a pace.  I made the executive decision to cut off the run at 5 miles and NOT run the rest of the week.

The schedule was 6 miles, 6 miles, 11 miles but I cut the second 6 mile run.  All week long I hit the Arc trainer for some cardio cross training, lifted and did foam rolling.

I knew I need to conquer my 11 miles and was determined to redeem my horrible 5 mile run from earlier in the week.

So the night before my run I had a surprise party for one of my dearest friends in the world…Tammy!!  Tammy is a friend I have had for a long time and she ran the Chicago Marathon twice…my hero!!!!!!!!!

(here is a pic of us from my wedding and a turkey trot years ago…I need more current pics!!!!!!!!!)

Tam wedding pic   Turkey Trot with Tam

Tammy was VERY surprised and the party went well.  I decided the best fuel for my 11 mile run would be a HUGE piece of chocolate birthday cake with chocolate frosting and a few MGD 64s. 

MMMM!! Dinner of champions!

Happy Birthday month Tam…glad you were surprised!!!!!!!

I woke up Sunday almost hoping it was pouring so I couldn’t run but no, it was not raining, and the sun was even peeking out!

I ate an egg, bagel thin, turkey bacon sammy and an orange, drank 2 cups of coffee and let it all digest.  I got dressed and ready and headed out on the trail for my 11.

As usual, denial worked for me.  5.5 miles out…I would worry about the 5.5 miles back when I got there!

I took off on the trail and knew right away that taking a week off was the best thing I could have done.  My legs felt great and I was making GREAT time!!  I ran under a 10 minute mile for a lot of the first 5 miles.  However, as I got closer and closer to the halfway point where I was going to turn around at 5.5 the sky got darker and darker…some major rain was looming.  I decided to turn around at 5 miles and head back to try and out run the rain.

The next 5 was a bit slower, my legs were getting a little sore.  Everytime I stopped to get some Powerade it was harder and harder to get going again.  But I knew I could do it!!!

I make it to 9 miles and it got rough.  I knew I had 2 miles to go…that was it.  I could do this!  I was going to redeem myself.  I chanted my mantra “dig deep dig deep dig deep dig deep” and just ran.  My first 10 miles were FASTER again than my previous 2!! I don’t have the exact time but I’m pretty sure I took at least a minute off my 10 mile time again due to my speedy first half.

I made it to where I got off the trail and go to my car and I still had a half mile left due to turning around early.  So I turned around and ran back .25 miles, then back .25 to finish it off.  I beat the rain, I got a new personal distance record (PDR) and I ran ELEVEN MILES ALL ALONE AND ROCKED IT!!!!!!!!!!!


11 miles

Run time: 1 hr 54 minutes

Total time: includes warmup and stretching 2 hrs 8 minutes

1571 calories (whoa!)

162 average HR, 179 max HR

I feel good about it and I know I could run 2 more miles if I have to so I feel ready for the half.

The training plan for this week is 6 miles, 6 miles and 11 miles…the last long run before the half.

I may decide to do a 6 mile run plus lots of cross training followed by the 11 miles this Sunday as that seems to work well for me.

Ok…sorry for the LOOOOONG post.  See you all soon!!!!!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. April 26, 2010 2:45 pm

    Blogging has definitely become quite the time suck- something I’ve realized… but I still look forward to reading about your training through May! 🙂

    And you were a sassy bride! woop woop!

  2. DiningAndDishing permalink
    April 26, 2010 4:53 pm

    I know finding the time to blog can be tough! I am able to because of my desk job…but I imagine without one of those it can be a challenge. Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to while you’re still around!

    – Beth @

  3. Jen permalink
    April 26, 2010 8:47 pm

    Everyone has a bad run every now and then. It’s not an indication of anything but it sucks and can really kill your mojo.

    Way to rebound. Rest assured – now that you’ve had your bad run, you should be good for some time now. They don’t happen frequently.

    Congrats Court, you rock.

  4. April 26, 2010 8:49 pm

    Love the wedding photo! If nothing else, just give us a recap of your race. We have to know how it turns out!

  5. April 27, 2010 2:49 am

    Congrats on your 11 miler. Keep on foam rolling and stretching. It is the only thing that will pull you through!


  6. April 27, 2010 5:03 pm

    Awesome run! I did an 11 miler a couple weekends ago and I’m sure you know as well as I do that it can be a real battle to finish. Sounds like you’re well on your way to being a seasoned marathoner! Congrats again!

  7. fattiefatterton permalink
    April 29, 2010 9:35 am

    But, but, I would miss you if you didn’t blog!!

    I totally understand. I’m unemployed and blogging really does take so much of your time. Maybe only do once per week posts once you finish your half?

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