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Workout Domination

May 26, 2010

Right now I’m focusing on getting into a good groove with my strength training workouts and I think I have found a good breakdown for my schedule.

Mon-Upper body and cardio

Tues-Abs and cardio

Wed-Rest day

Thurs-Lower body and cardio

Fri-Abs and cardio

Sat-Full body and cardio

Sun-Rest day

I can change it up as needed though…it is flexible.  This week I’m not resting on Wednesday, I’m doing lower body and cardio because I work from 9-7 on Friday and won’t have time to workout.  Sunday is a rest day on the schedule but I may end up doing things like riding my bike or playing tennis.

For cardio I have been trying to do about 45 minutes at a time…such as 30 on the treadmill followed by 15 on the ARC trainer or vice-versa.

So far so good…I have dominated my workouts on Monday and Tuesday!

I have come up with the following so far for my workouts, 3 circuits of each.


Jump off and on BOSU (warm up) 12x

Stand on BOSU lateral raises with 10 lb dumbbells x 10

Stand on BOSU front raises with 10 lb dumbbells x 10

Seated shoulder press 50 lbs x 12

Incline chest press 50 lbs x 12

Seated upright row 30 lbs x 15

Barbell curls 20 lbs x 12   (not sure on the weight exactly as it is not a standard bar)

Overhead triceps extension with 25 lb dumbbell x 15


Rollouts on stability ball/Smith machine  12

Reverse crunches 12

Toe touch side to side reaches 12 each side

Glute bridge 12

Single leg lifts 12 each leg

Planks 1 minute

Decline crunches on bench 12

Woodchops with cable high to low 50 lbs x 12 each side

Russian twists with 8 lb med ball x 12 each side


Weighted squats 30 lbs x 15

Side lunges to knee up to reverse lunge to knee up 30 lbs x 12 each side

Glute kickbacks with cable 35 lbs x 15 each leg

Hamstring curls using stability ball 15

Leg press machine

Calf raise machine 90 lbs x 12

Walking forward weighted lunges 30 lbs x 10 each leg

That is as far as I’ve gotten for the week, I am off to do the lower body workout today!  I still have to come up with the full body routine but I will likely be incorporating some plyometrics and sprints into that workout.

I plan to try this plan out for about a month or so and see how it goes.

Any suggestions are welcome for anything I’ve left out.  Nothing specific for back in my upper body routine, I should probably incorporate something for that.

Hope everyone has the beautiful weather that we are enjoying right now…Memorial Day weekend and summer kickoff here we come!

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  1. May 26, 2010 1:44 pm

    After reading everyone’s blogs, I’ve decided my strength training is pathetic. lol. You are seriously kicking some ass.

  2. May 28, 2010 11:35 am

    Awesome looking workouts! Just add in some pull-ups or single arm cable pull-downs so that you’re back gets some work.

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