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6 miles on the schedule

March 7, 2010

Happy weekend everyone! Hope everyone has a chance to enjoy the weather (if it is nice where you are) and relax a little bit.  I’ve been pretty busy…let’s do a little recap.

Friday I was at my new personal training gig, doing some more training and having an “official” photo shoot for a new flyer. This is the pic that won!


Don’t I look so professional?!  HA!

On top of working, I also finally got my haircut, it’s been 9 months.  Just got a little trim, but it felt good to cut off some dead ends and get ready for spring.  I really wanted to go outside and run my 6 miles that were left on my half marathon training plan for the week, but was wiped out and hungry after my long day so I skipped it.

Saturday dawned bright and early as I had to go an open at the other gym, then I met my friend Tammy for some long overdue girl talk (and a chocolate covered strawberry!).  So fun to see her…thanks Tam!

It was so nice outside, sunny and 42, I decided it was now or never on attempting my first 6 mile outdoor run.

I took off at a brisk walk through the neighborhood to warm up, and got whistled at by a pack of middle school boys playing basketball.  That sure brought a smile to my mean old lady heart! HA!

Then I took off on my usual country route, singing out loud at the top of my lungs like I was on an episode of Glee. I had to cut that out soon enough though because there were lots of people out on my usually quiet route…bikes, dog walkers, people taking a stroll and enjoying the temps.  I got to 4.95 of my run (using my Nike plus and ipod touch so I know my speed and distance) and dropped my water bottle.

As I reached down to grab it I hit END WORKOUT.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So annoyed.  So I knew I had 1.05 miles to go, so I restarted it and headed for home.  Um yeah, at .53 I hit end workout again somehow, trying to change the song.  DUMB.  I finished off the workout though to equal up to 6 miles.

I added up all 3 of my Nike Plus sessions and got this:


total time including warmup, cooldown and water breaks: 1 hr 21 mins

total running time: 59:06  (i pause the nike plus when I stop for water)

mileage: 6.25 miles (warmed up w/ .25 miles, ran 6 miles)

1042 calories

166 average HR

183 max HR

Pretty freaking good time…6 miles in under an hour!!!!! As usual I ran much faster outside than indoors and average a 10 minute mile through the first 4.95 miles.

I’m up bright and early for Sunday and about to leave for SPIN CLASS!!! Whoo.  Haven’t been in weeks.  Will probably do some upper body strength after and hit Wal-Mart and then a NAP.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. March 7, 2010 2:19 pm

    Good work on the run! And nice pic! 😉

    And you can go 9 months without a haircut? That’s awesome! I go 3 and my hair is a nasty mess on the ends… dang.

  2. March 8, 2010 12:45 am

    Wow! You were flying on your run! Great job! Also, great pic!


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