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Super Chunk

February 28, 2010

The title is NOT referring to me, although it is kind of how I feel after a week and a half of vacation/sick/restaurants/not enough veggies.  I’m back on track today because I feel like I haven’t had a green veggie in weeks and now that my cold is FINALLY gone I’m ready to be on track.

I went out with a bang yesterday though after a fun girly day with my friend Marci. I had to work in the morning, but met her for lunch after at a little bistro/creperie.  I had a CROQUE MONSIEUR and for all my fellow Seymour High School French 4 classmates…it was good! (basically a French grilled ham and cheese).  Then we did a little shopping and wound up at chocolate shop where we got massive chocolate covered strawberries.  I have been trying to find one for 2 weeks and it was worth the wait.  Wish I had my camera with…it was so juicy and delicious.  Fun way to cap off hanging with a girlfriend.

This morning I got back in the groove by making something I haven’t had in a and peanut butter sammie!  I’m going for a run outdoors in a bit and needed some fuel.  One little white dog that shall remain nameless was curled up in bed with Daddy still, but Prince wanted to see what I was up to so he got some apple treats.

100_3539 100_3540


That boy loves fruit!!!

I cut up an apple (I think it was a Jazz apple?!) into slices while I toasted a whole wheat english muffin.

100_3542 100_3545

I haven’t had peanut butter in MONTHS!!! I was out and haven’t been to Trader Joe’s lately and that is where I usually get peanut butter.  I broke down and tried this and it is pretty good:


Extra Crunchy Skippy Natural SUPER CHUNK!!!!

I think the SUPER CHUNK got me because I do love a chunky peanut butter.

All together now!!!

I’m hydrating and then plan to go get some fresh air even though it is only about 35 degrees. I couldn’t take it this morning and needed some fresh air in my lungs.


We plan to cheer on the USA men’s hockey team this afternoon versus Canada…should be a great game!

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