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95% there

February 26, 2010

Hola bloggies!!!

It is Friday and I have the entire day to enjoy.  Plus it is the hub’s last day off this week of vacation so we are going to enjoy it.

Thanks for all your responses yesterday to my Too Much Makeup post! I had quite a few hits on my blog from people searching:  “Lindsey Vonn too much makeup”  “Olympic women makeup” so I guess I wasn’t the only one who was thinking about the issue.

I have been sick since LAST FRIDAY and today I woke up finally feeling about 95%.  I slept until about 7:15 which is CRAZY for me.  But I know I needed the sleep and I am currently enjoying a cup of chocolate almond coffee and feeling good.

I haven’t been sick with a cold like illness for about 9 months…I remember it was my birthday in June last year because I was in bed when my hubby felt bad for me and gave me my birthday itouch a little early!

So of course when I do get sick, it is bad.  But, after a week of sniffling and sneezing I am almost back to normal.

Which means back to normal workouts! Between vacation and illness I haven’t worked out much.  Hit up a spin class last Friday even though I knew the sick was coming, I tried to sweat it out but it didn’t work.  Couldn’t get my heart rate up over 140 in spin…yep, I’m sick!  Monday on vacation I worked out with my husband at the hotel Sports Core and got in a great workout, but since then I haven’t done ZIP.

Yesterday I was craving a workout, but didn’t quite feel up to it and I knew I had to work last night which is a semi-workout with going up and down the stairs with laundry, bending and rotating to clean the machines, etc. So I skipped the formal workout yesterday and it was a good thing because work was ROUGH.

However, I think today I will be back in the saddle! Might do an at home circuit, haven’t decided yet.


I’m using the coaching plan that I found on the Nike Plus website and I’m praying that there is no more snow (now that it is almost MARCH) so I can take this training show on the road…literally! NO MORE DREADMILL.

I have the following runs scheduled for next week according to the coach:

4 miles

4 miles

6 miles

These are going to be scheduled on days I can fit them in around work, etc rather than the days the coach told me.  I like to have the long runs on Sunday when I have time.

I will be starting off this Sunday with the 4 miles and moving on from there!


A few other notes….what is everyone watching for the Olympics? Of course we are watching the men’s hockey around this house since my husband is a big fan…we will be cheering on the team today in the quarterfinal game.  I also love to watch the snippets of events shown on NBC (hockey is on MSNBC) and get a little taste of everything.  The ski jumping stuff blows my mind…those aerials are CRAZY!

Ok…this is a long post! I promise I will have PHOTOS again soon…you don’t want to see my red nose and bed head….believe me.

Happy almost weekend!!!!

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  1. February 26, 2010 3:13 pm

    95%! You’re practically good to go! Yea!

    And I’ve been watching some figure skating… some of those girls have some serious POWER! I’m in awe…

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