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Guess Who’s Back?

February 24, 2010

Well me of course!!!

I have to admit, it was nice not to have the pressure of thinking up something interesting to blog about every day, but I also missed it.

It was good to take a break, but now I’m back.

We had a lovely little getaway for a few days in Wisconsin at a small town called Kohler.  There is a very nice resort there called the American Club.  The level of service in Kohler is unparalleled.  We do not have a bad thing to say about any aspect of our visits to the village.  We have been there a few times now and have always been very happy with our stay and don’t want to leave!

You can check it out here:

While we were there we mainly relaxed and hung out.  Got to eat at some lovely restaurants, work out in the fitness center, sit in the outdoor hot tub, enjoy a king size bed with a fluffy comforter and NO DOGS while watching the Olympics, etc. 

I got a very cool souvenir at the fitness center there:

100_3536 100_3537

A new Sigg bottle that says “Sweat Once a Day”  on it!! AWESOME!! It also has a squirt top on it unlike my other bottle that I have to unscrew the top.  It is hard to have to stop in the middle of a run to unscrew the top on the bottle to get a drink so I’m looking forward to bringing this one to the gym.

I made a new friend on vacation:


Emergen-C was joined by his friends box of kleenex and cough drops.  My hubby was sick all last week, and just as we were getting ready to leave for vacation I got the dreaded sick.  Sore throat, sneezing, nose blowing galore.  So I spent a lot of our get away not feeling so good.  I was still sick last night so I actually got someone to cover my shift at the gym this morning as the thought of getting up at 3:30 a.m. made me sneeze harder!

I do feel a bit better today, but not 100% by any means.  I need to get back into my regular groove of clean eats, workouts and lots and lots of water.  Being on vacation I ate richer foods than usual, didn’t work out as much, and didn’t drink as much water. 

One of the highlights of the trip was working out with my husband at the fitness center.  He has a very physical job, so working out with me at the gym after he is done delivering packages all day (UPS) is not his idea of fun.  He let me put him through a workout and I’m happy to say he is STILL sore today!!!  Nice to know I can train a guy and get good results, especially since he is in great shape as it is.

I’m getting back into things around the house today…vacation laundry, tidying up, etc.  The hubs is off all week so we will be watching some more Olympics and trying to get over the sick once and for all.  I need to get healthy cuz next week starts the big new event in my life:


I will have a post up soon with my training plan and thoughts.

I hope I didn’t lose too many readers on my hiatus…come back and read soon!!!!

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  1. February 25, 2010 1:24 am

    Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time away from home. I know one of my favorite things about vacation is that the hotel room is often bigger than my apartment. I hope you don’t catch the hubbies dirty germs!

  2. February 25, 2010 8:45 am

    I’m so glad you’re back. Your blog is the first one I check every day and it’s been sad to have to pass you by. I’m glad you had fun and I love your new water bottle. I hate having to twist off in the middle of a workout. Have a great week and don’t get sick, Amy

    • February 25, 2010 1:33 pm

      Amy!!! You are too sweet. I’m glad to be back and I hope I can keep the good blog content coming.

  3. February 25, 2010 4:09 pm

    We did a weekend at the American Club about four years ago and LOVED it. I hope you got to spend some time at the spa. We scheduled a couple’s massage and got an all day pass to the spa thrown in. We spent most of the day just trying everything – pools, hot tubs, showers, saunas, etc. We don’t have a single complaint either. Hope to make it back soon!

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