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Basement Booty Kicking Boot Camp

January 30, 2010

Happy Saturday to all!! I got LOTS of sleep last night (thank GOD) so I’m ready to roll.  I have to represent my gym at a local expo today, so I’m going to be eating some breakfast and getting out the door, but first I wanted to do a very special dorky photo shoot and post for you.

I didn’t feel like driving to the gym yesterday, but I did feel like getting my sweat on.  Enter the booty kicking basement boot camp!  First let me take you on a tour of the facilities!  (I took all these pics this morning, in my pajamas, wet hair, it was VERY spontaneous dorky)  HAHAHAHAHAH


First off we have the treadmill.  Please note the price!! HOLLA!! We bought this a few years ago at a second hand sporting goods store. It isn’t fancy, but gets the job done!

100_3459 100_3458

Here I am in ACTION!

100_3464 100_3465

Second piece of cardio equipment, the stairs:


I have a set of 8 pound dumbbells that I don’t even remember buying and a 15 pound kettlebell courtesy of my bro! The kettlebell is resting on my fancy black mat.

100_3460 100_3461

Action shot!!!
100_3466 100_3470

I’m out of control.

Ok, of course we have the yoga mat and foam roller!! Yippeee!!!


Here I am demonstrating my hard core ab workout.

In slipper.

And non matching pajamas.

And wet hair.

I told you I’m glamorous!

100_3471 100_3473

Notice the bone and dog towel….very chic.

Anyways, now that the dork fest is over, on to the workout!
I did 5 minute intervals on the treadmill followed by strength.

Circuit 1:

Treadmill: 1 min 3.0 mph, 1 min 3.5 mph, 3 mins. 5.0 mph

Forward lunges with a hammer curl with dumbbells 12 each leg

Shoulder press with dumbbells x 12

Triceps extension x 12

Circuit 2:

Treadmill: 1 min 3.0 mph, 1 min 3.5 mph, 3 mins. 5.0 mph

Abs:  V ups x 10 each leg

Crunches x 20

Reverse crunches x 20

Circuit 3:

Treadmill: 1 min 3.0 mph, 1 min 3.5 mph, 3 mins. 5.0 mph

Squat with lateral raise holding dumbbells x 12

Pushups on stairs x 12

Bent over row x 12

I repeated the circuits, but I bumped up the treadmill intensity on the second round:

Circuit 4: 1 min 3.3 mph, 1 min 3.8 mph, 3 mins 5.3 mph

Circuit 5: 1 min 3.5 mph, 1 min 4.0 mph, 3 mins 5.5 mph

Circuit 6: repeat first

I was at about 48 minutes for my workout, so to round it up to 60 minutes I walked at a 3.5 mph with a 3% incline holding my 8 pound dumbbells for 11 minutes, then dropped the dumbbells and cooled down for a few minutes.


63 minutes—44 minutes on treadmill totaling 3 miles

615 calories

143 average HR

172 max HR

What a great workout!!!! That one is going in the binder for sure.

Ok…hope you are all having a great Saturday!

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  1. fitlizzio permalink
    January 30, 2010 3:44 pm

    hahaha! i want to come to basement boot camp!

  2. January 30, 2010 9:56 pm

    You’ve got quite the setup there. Another set or two of weights and I’d start charging a fee… lol

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