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Chips and Dips for Dinner?!?

December 19, 2009

Ok, if you are thinking, what is she doing eating chips and dips for dinner! Isn’t she supposed to be a healthy eater? Why would she ruin her hard work with chips and dips!!! 

Don’t fear…I made a delish and healthy alternative that satisfied my craving!

Introducing Courtney’s Healthy Spinach Dip and Chips

I took two Flat Out Wraps (only 100 calories each!! plus fiber!!) and spread a little bit of olive oil on each and then sprinkled them with garlic powder.  Cut them up into some chip like shapes with a pizza cutter, then popped them in a 350 degree oven on a cookie sheet.

100_3116 100_3117

Then I took out my MONSTER bag of spinach (have barely made a dent in it) and threw probably about 5 cups in a big pan with a little crushed red pepper and let it wilt down. I put a lid on to make it cook a little faster.


100_3118 100_3119



Pulled out some goat cheese and hummus and my mini food processor.  Once the spinach was wilted down I pulled it off the heat and put it in the processor.  I topped it with some goat cheese (probably a little over an ounce) and 2 tablespoons of hummus.  YUM YUM.  I also added some Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute. Mixed it all up and poured it in a bowl.

100_3120 100_3123 100_3124 100_3125

Pulled my toasty chips out of the oven and dipped to my heart’s content! I am FULL, that was a LOT of spinach!



I hit the gym this morning to try out my kicks!  I got some new Nikes and I also got the Nike Plus system.  Basically you insert a little pod in your shoe, and the pod transmits info to your Ipod.

100_3127  100_3130


I had great intentions of jumping on the treadmill and pounding out a 5 mile run, but unfortunately I was just not feeling it.  Some days you just don’t have it in you…you know?!  So I ran about a mile on the treadmill and jumped off and decided to calibrate the foot pod instead.

This will allow the foot pod to be even more accurate based on how fast the individual walks or runs a mile.  I hit the track and walked a mile and then ran a mile.  This calibrated my pod and now I’m ready to go.  I then jumped on the Stepmill for 15 minutes to finish off my workout.


1 mile treadmill run

1 mile track walk

1 mile track run

15 minutes, 50 floors, 1 mile Stepmill

69 minutes total (lots of screwing around with my ipod)

535 calories

137 average HR

173 max HR

So far so good on the Nikes…I haven’t worn Nikes in years and have been leaning towards Asics and been running in Mizunos lately.  But I think these will be ok.

I was also able to hit the Nike Plus website and make an account and created a half marathon training plan for myself!  I’m starting it tomorrow with a scheduled 4 mile run.  Now I just need to find a half marathon to do!!!!!!

Happy Weekend to all..hope you have some fun stuff planned.

I am having coffee with a friend tomorrow before my run, then I plan to wrap presents in the afternoon while watching the Ironman on TV (NBC at 3:00 PM).  Sunday I have to work at the gym but will be able to watch the Packer v. Steelers game…hoping we are 10-4 by the end of the weekend!

Ok…this has been a super long post…hope you made it to the end.

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  1. fitlizzio permalink
    December 19, 2009 1:15 am

    yummm! i am having “chips” for dinner too….KALE CHIPS 🙂

  2. christina permalink
    December 19, 2009 5:10 pm

    That looks delicious!! I will definitely have to try that out. Love it.


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