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Rocked out at the 2009 Turkey Trot

November 26, 2009


I did it! I rocked out at the Palatine Park District 2009 Turkey Trot.

Yesterday I went to pick up my race packet and was pleasantly surprised to get a nice, long sleeve t-shirt.  Perfect for lounging around the house!

100_2867   100_2868

I got all my running stuff ready, ate a good dinner, and passed out on the recliner around 9:30!

I woke up to this view this morning:

100_2869  100_2871

The thermometer says 38.7 outside!! EEEK!!  It had snowed over night, and was raining when I woke up…big slushy rain drops.  Great.  I had to re-think my outfit and unfortunately the Pink Skull outfit was vetoed due to the weather and temps.  (You can see the first appearance of the Pink Skull by clicking HERE)

I wore some running leggings, a long sleeve lycra shirt, and a long sleeve hoody along with a hat.

Here I am on my way, don’t I just look thrilled?


I had told my hubby to stay home since the weather was crappy and I didn’t want him to stand out in the crappy weather for an hour while I ran.  But I have to admit I was bummed to be there by myself…as I was stretching I was watching all the other people who were in groups.  All of a sudden I felt someone poke me in the butt! I turned around to slap whoever it was, and it was my HUBBY!! He surprised me by showing up.  SO nice to have him there to support me! I set off on the race with a huge smile on my face.

The rain had stopped, but it was super windy and super cold.  The route was around Harper College and the was to be 2.5 loops.

The first mile was ok, I was mainly warming up and trying to adjust to the wind.  I hit the mile 1 marker at 10:41.

The second mile seemed to fly by as there was some downhill parts.  I hit the second mile marker at 21:25. 

I wanted to try and get a little bit better of a 5k time than my last run, and I pushed it through the third mile, hitting the third mile marker at 32 minutes.  Which means my 5k time was probably right around the same as my last 5k.

I knew Mile 4 was going to be the hardest mile.  The second half of it was uphill into a wind that was blowing so hard I felt like I was barely moving.  I saw people giving up and running back through the parking lot to end.  I kept plugging but did have to walk a bit.  I probably walked a total of 2 minutes throughout the race.

I finally hit that fourth mile marker at exactly 44 minutes.  My goal was to finish in under 60 minutes, and I knew I was going to easily hit that goal.  I also knew that mile 5 would be easy because it was partially downhill and once I turned the corner the wind was at my back.  I pushed it and crossed the finish line! That is me in the black, number 31.


My watch had the time of 54:24 and I figure that is probably very close to my official time.


5 miles

611 calories

average heart rate 169

max heart rate 184

NOT TOO SHABBY!! I’m very happy with my time and I am glad I powered through the bad weather.

After race photo shoot:

100_2876  100_2877

Now I am off to take a HOT shower and watch the Packers before we head to my in-law’s house for a tasty turkey dinner I can eat guilt free!  Although here is my horoscope from today’s paper which I thought was hilarious (Gemini):


“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Still, you want more.  Stick to one healthy serving.”


Hope you are all having a great Thanksgiving with family or friends. 

Did you do a Turkey Trot? How did you do? Brag a little in the comments!!

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  1. November 26, 2009 5:21 pm

    Congratulations! Love Mom and Dad

  2. November 27, 2009 1:52 am

    Your Hubby is so sweet! I’ve actually never ran in a “Turkey Trot”. I did run today, but I def don’t have anything to brag about.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. November 27, 2009 7:36 pm

    I didn’t do it. I know this is lame, but I lost one of my running shoes!! My old ones just don’t have enough cushioning. I swear, I’m not making it up.

    You did a GREAT job. It was so cold and miserable yesterday. You rocked it!!

  4. Menden @ Skinny Menny permalink
    November 28, 2009 1:34 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS Courtney!!!! You rock, girlie!!!! I did not do a turkey trot….I did the “turkey squat” and bummed around in my jammies for half the day on Thanksgiving, hehe!!!

    WAY TO GO!!! 😀

  5. November 29, 2009 6:09 am

    Awesome job! Glad you toughed it out and it was very sweet of your husband to show up! 🙂 Happy late Thanksgiving. Amy

  6. kim permalink
    December 6, 2009 1:46 pm

    I was on my way there..wimped out and went to the gym!!!


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