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Thanksgiving Part I

November 20, 2009

Hi bloggies!!! TGIF!

I was USELESS yesterday.  Well, I read 2 books.  That’s about it.  Didn’t accomplish much at all.  Was a rainy, dreary day and any motivation to do anything other than snuggle with dogs and read was null.

Oh well, gotta have days like that occasionally right!?

Because of my slacky Thursday, my Friday is about to be BUSY BEE DAY!

Big plans for today:

Clean house

Errands (Target, grocery store)



Actually this segues right into my super busy weekend!


Work 6 hours

First aid 3 hour class


My little brother’s birthday

Thanksgiving part I at my parent’s house

That’s right, I have Thanksgiving part I on Sunday at my parent’s house in Wisconsin.  It is also my brother’s birthday so it worked out well to do it this Sunday and celebrate both events.  We will be doing the usual…potatoes, stuffing, I’m bringing a spinach salad and a big turkey on the grill.  My parents always grill their turkey and it is GOOD.

This means we get Thanksgiving part 2 on Thursday when we go to my husband’s parent’s house.  Two Thanksgiving meals in one week? I’m not worried because I’m running a 5 mile turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning.

What are you all up to this weekend? Anyone else doing more than one Thanksgiving celebration?

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  1. November 20, 2009 7:27 pm

    Got a 10K (my first) on Sunday, and lots of family stuff on Saturday. We’re going to a Thanksgiving potluck on Thanksgiving day, but no turkey trot on my area…I might have to do a solo “turkey trot” or maybe a “pie ride” in that morning.

    Sounds like you have really nice holiday plans; enjoy! And yum, grilled turkey! That’s my favorite, although I think our hosts will be baking theirs. Maybe I’ll have to convince the husband to get a small turkey for us to grill that weekend…

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