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Name that Playlist

November 18, 2009

I like to name my playlists funny things on my ipod to motivate me when I workout.  The current name of my workout playlist is LOSE THE LAYER.

I’m hoping it motivates me to continue working HARD to lose the layer I have and show off these muscles!

I usually like to have 2 playlists for workouts in rotation at any given time.  One playlist is about an hour and I use that for my basic workouts.  The other one is like 3 hours of music and I usually hit shuffle a lot on it.  That is when I’m doing a 2 hour or more workout and need lots of motivation.

Here is my current shorter playlist.

I always put a slower tempo song first and last for a warmup and cooldown.

Bad Day – Fuel

Tik Tok – Kesha (woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy..ha this song cracks me up!)

Stronger – Kanye West

Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go) – Dierks Bentley

Careless Whisper – Seether

Don’t Tell Me (What Love Can Do) – Van Halen

Ayo Technology – 50 Cent feat Justin Timberlake

Lonely No More – Rob Thomas

So What – Pink

Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5

Turnin Me On – Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne

Broken – Seether featuring Amy Lee

Love Will Find a Way – Tesla


Do you have a fave playlist right now? Leave it in the comments and give the rest of us some ideas!! Or just leave your top 5 workout songs.

I’m slamming some coffee and trying to get out the door in the next few minutes so I can be at my trainer’s studio and do about 45 minutes of cardio before our session.

Happy Hump Day!

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  1. fitlizzio permalink
    November 18, 2009 1:49 pm

    you are much more creative than me. I usually name my playlists “blah” or “asdf” 🙂

  2. Laura permalink
    November 18, 2009 1:58 pm

    Here are a few favorties that are good to run to:
    Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts
    Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and The Waves
    We Got it Going On – Bon Jovi featuring Big & Rich
    Right Round – Flo Rida
    Trouble – Pink
    Bleed it Out – Linkin Park (great beat when kicking it up a notch in your run!)

    I also LOVE Stronger by Kanye West too! Another inspiring one is the theme song from The Biggest Loser called Proud!

    I’m looking forward to hearing what other people’s favorites are so that I can add some new ones to my play lists! Thanks Courtney!

  3. Menden @ Skinny Menny permalink
    November 18, 2009 5:23 pm

    Tesla! LOL!! 🙂

    Do you have the “genius” function installed on your iTunes? It’s the best…you just pick a song that you want iTunes to create a playlist from, and it will create a whole playlist that has a similar sound or beat as the song you chose – try it! 🙂

  4. November 18, 2009 6:31 pm

    I love the title of your play list! You are so funny!

  5. November 18, 2009 6:45 pm

    That’s an awesome playlist (wow! 2 hours workouts?)

    I’m lame, but I really like Britney Spears on my workout playlists 😉

    • courtlove111 permalink*
      November 18, 2009 6:52 pm

      I have TONS of Britney on my ipod!! I love her music to workout to for sure.

      The 2 hour workouts are generally when I do strength and cardio in one day…or when I was training for my tri.

  6. Jen permalink
    November 18, 2009 11:57 pm

    Sexy Bitch is my all time favorite. “Oh I can see ya. Cause every girl in here wants to be ya. Oh she’s a diva. I feel the same and I wanna meet her.” Great cadence for running!! “Damn who’s a sexy bitch?!”

  7. November 19, 2009 1:10 pm

    I’ve got a ridiculous mix on my super old MP3 – anything from Gangsta’s Paradise to the Dixie Chic’s White Trash Wedding to My Humps. The song at the number one spot no matter how many times I change my playlist is Cake’s The Distance. Have a great week – we’re heading on vacation! 🙂

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