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Lake Carroll Triathlon Recap-Part I

September 28, 2009

Sit down, grab a drink, and get ready for part I of the recap of my first ever sprint triathlon!
I am breaking the updates into 3 parts because it is such a long story!

First off, I want to thank you all for your support and comments as I have prepped for this event!


Friday I spent the day cleaning the house, rearranging the furniture and overpacking my suitcase!


My hubby finally got home from work as I was frantically pacing around the house and compulsively playing with my itouch:


Finally we were in the car and on the road!


We were headed to our cabin we rented for the weekend at Hickory Hideaway.  We drove in the dark through some very country roads to get to where we were going.  At one point we turned down the wrong road…it was barely a road.  There we were, stuck between two huge columns of corn on either side of us.  I was convinced the Children of the Corn were about to jump out and get us!  Luckily we turned around and found our way and got there around 9:45 PM.

Here is our wonderful setup:

100_2069   100_2064

100_2065   100_2066


100_2067   100_2068

Of course we made friends with Chase, the local dog!  He followed us into our room even because JR was such a good ear scratcher!
(he is yawning in this pic, not being fierce as it looks!)


We managed to find a bar that was still open and still serving food and got a late night pizza dinner and then that king size bed was calling our name!  No dogs to share it with meant a great night sleep!

Part II will follow this afternoon!


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