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Circuit breaker workout, long division and an OMG moment!

September 22, 2009

Started my morning off with one of my favorite breakfasts.  An Arnold sandwich thin, a Morningstar chicken patty and an apple.  YUM! I like the Morningstar chicken patties because they remind me of chicken sandwiches from fast food restaurants but there is only 140 calories in each.  Nice protein substitute and something quick, easy and different.

100_2017   100_2018


I hung out in my office studying for the next two hours.  I am preparing to take the ACE personal training certification exam for new readers out there, and I’m in the final stretch of test review and prep.  Today was assessments and body composition review which means FORUMLAS.  There are no calculators allowed on test day, but there is a lot of math, long division, decimals etc that I will need to be able to do on test day without taking too long.  Ugh! I haven’t done long division in a really long time and was freaking out.  My dogs were not able to help although they were concerned!

100_2022   100_2023


I need a long division tutor!!

I came up for air and a snack around 11.  I had some new Kashi bars I bought at Target recently.  They are a little bit dry for my taste, but they do have some good flavor.  I’m easily lured in by a pumpkin flavor this time of year.


100_2020   100_2021


I decided I needed a hard, sweaty workout since I haven’t worked out in three days.  I created a circuit workout that I could do in my basement since I didn’t feel like driving to the gym.

I used 8 lb dumbbells (all I have unfortunately) for all strength exercises.


Run .5 miles on treadmill

Circuit #1:  Forward lunges with a hammer curl x 12

Shoulder press x 12

Bent over triceps extension x 12

Run .5 miles on treadmill

Circuit #2: legs in a V, toe touch (abs) x 20

Crunches x 20

Lay on my back and swing legs up (abs, not sure what it is called) x20

Run .5 miles on treadmill

Circuit #3: Squat with a lateral raise x 12

Pushups on the stairs x 12

Side lunge with a knee up with dumbbell x 12

REPEAT entire workout above one more time


63 minutes

3 miles + circuits

641 calories (yeah!)

158 average HR

183 high HR

Then I walked the dogs about a mile for an additional 20 minutes and 157 calories putting me at 800 calories burned for the day.  YAY!!


When I got back from the dog walk I had the official rules and regs email from the triathlon waiting in my in-box.  OMG I guess it is real!  And only a few days away!!!!!!!!!


Tonight is the Nutrition Seminar I’m attending at my trainer’s studio and when I get home going to watch The Biggest Loser on DVR.

Have a great night bloggies….I will be back with my nutrition seminar review and thoughts on Biggest Loser tomorrow.

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  1. September 22, 2009 11:33 pm

    That ACE exam is serious buisness. My husband took it about five years ago and he studied and studied and studied some more. Keep at it! You will do awesome!

    Yay for the big race getting close! You are going to have so much fun!

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