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Autumn Pear Pudding

September 21, 2009

Hi bloggies!  Hope everyone is having a great Monday.  I just want to say thanks to all who have been commenting.  Let’s keep the commenting going!  Lurkers…come out of hiding and say HI!!

I hunkered down in my office this morning with a stack of papers and a calendar and get organized.  Made my to-do list for the week, answered emails, downloaded pics, started my triathlon to do list, and then studied.

In the middle I took a break because I was freeeeeeezing and grabbed some Blue Diamond Lime and Chili almonds for a snack and made some tea in the Keurig.  YUM! So easy and peppermint tea is my absolute favorite flavor.  It warmed me up and got me through studying.

100_2008    100_2009



I kept going on my studying and did some laundry.  I surfaced for lunch around 12:45 and immediately heated up a huge bowl of chili leftover from last night. 

One of my weaknesses is tortilla chips.  However, those don’t really fit in on the diet plan! But I wanted something crunchy to put on my chili.  I also wanted something creamy.  So of course I went with some fat free greek yogurt.  This was my first time trying Oikos and I really enjoyed it! Then I added some tortilla strips to my chili.  These are such a great substitute for topping rather than a huge pile of chips.  A serving of these strips only has 35 calories and are tasty in soup or on salads.



I wanted to eat up a pear I had left from last week but it was starting to feel a little mushy.  I like my pears firm but didn’t want to waste it.  So I came up with a quick Autumn Pear Pudding.

Courtney’s Autumn Pear Pudding

1 cut up pear (I kept skin on but you could remove)

1 little pat of butter

1 tablespoon brown sugar



Turn on cooktop to medium with a small saucepan, put pat of butter in pot.  Let melt while cutting up pear.  Put pear in pot and put a splash of vanilla, a tablespoon of brown sugar, and cinnamon.  Stir on medium heat until pears melt. 

I topped with a few crushed pecans.  It tasted very rich and delicious and because the portion was small I didn’t feel guilty about the butter or sugar.  This would be fantastic on top of oatmeal or as a treat with some vanilla ice cream and took about 5 minutes to make.

100_2012   100_2013

100_2014  100_2015



The plan for this afternoon is to head to the gym for a light weight workout plus whatever cardio I feel like doing and then heading over to train my client.   Just going to digest for a while and pack up my gym bag.

See you soon!!

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  1. Menden (Skinny Menny) permalink
    September 21, 2009 9:05 pm

    I don’t know what I’d do without my Keurig – aren’t they the best? The pear pudding looks delicious…very creative! Hope you’ve had a happy Monday 🙂

  2. September 21, 2009 9:30 pm

    I’m not a big tea fan, but if it’s peppermint tea – I’m in love 🙂

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