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Sock goblin and the crankypants!

September 10, 2009

Usually organizing and exercising make me feel better about life.  NOT TODAY!! However, I am an organized and worked out crankypants.

Here was my pantry before I attacked it:

100_1882   100_1883

Crap piled on top of crap!!!

Here it is after I cleaned and organized and threw away anything past the expiration!

100_1884    100_1885


Just looking at the pics make me feel a little happier.

Then I took the anniversary flowers that were on their last legs, and decided to make a few little bouquets of pretty greenery to put around the house.


100_1878    100_1879



100_1880   100_1881


Three arrangements! One for the kitchen table, one for the bedroom and one for my bathroom.  So pretty to look at and it really extends the life of the arrangement my hubs bought.

Then I grabbed the huge stack of Oxygen magazines I have had laying around forever and finished my workout binder.  I rip out all the awesome workouts from Oxygen (if you are interested in women’s strength training and healthy living this is the BEST mag out there!).  Then I divided into body parts or full body and three hole punch and put in the binder.  That way when I go to create workouts, I can just flip through and find anything I want.  There are at home workouts, free weights, machines, cables, everything you can imagine!  This will also really come in handy when I’m a personal trainer.

100_1886   100_1887


Then I finally decided to workout.  Hit the gym for a swim, then on the way home stopped and hit the trail for a bike.

Here are my stats:


#1) Swim

.5 miles (16 laps)

21:14 mins

159 calories

134 average HR

154 high HR

#2) Bike

approx 6.5 miles

34:25 minutes

313 calories

148 average HR

166 high HR

When I got out of the pool and went in the locker room to dress for the bike, I had NO SOCKS in my gym bag!  My dog Prince is a sock goblin! He loves socks, clean or dirty and often steals them.  Well, he snicked my pair from my gym bag so I biked sockless.  No big deal!

I hope you made it through this super long post!

Check back tomorrow bloggies!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. September 10, 2009 9:50 pm

    Yea cleaning always makes me feel happy! lol The pantry looks great!

  2. Tam permalink
    September 10, 2009 10:00 pm

    WAY TO GO, COURT!!!! Wanna come over and clean MY pantry for me? 🙂

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