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Lucky Number 9

September 9, 2009


Kind of a cool date!  Feels like it should be a lucky day!

It is for sure going to be a busy day!

I am up and eating breakfast right now, have a dentist appointment and then have to go work on a project.  The plan is to be back here early in the afternoon and head up to the gym to swim and take the Body Combat class….it sounds so fun!

Let’s rewind a bit.  After all my calorie burning yesterday, I was starving and had an afternoon snack of half a sweet potato and my true love, hummus.

100_1872    100_1873


Then I was off to train a client and came home for dinner.  I cut up a grilled chix breast leftover from Labor Day BBQ and put some low fat shredded cheese on it and heated in the microwave.  I also made some green beans from my lovely huge bag from Costco.  I steamed those in the microwave and then tossed with some olive oil, sea salt and garlic powder.  I topped the chicken with a few teaspoons of greek yogurt.  It was a very delicious and filling meal…I will be making it a lot over the next few weeks!

100_1875   100_1876


Fast forward to my breakfast this morning.  I will need to pack a snack of some kind, but I also wanted to fuel up well here.  I am trying to eat my whole grain and fruit in the morning, so I had an Arnold’s Sandwich thin with natural chunky peanut butter and an apple along with the usual coffee and vitamins/fish oil.


The plan is to bring some almonds for a snack once the belly starts rumbling!


Hope everyone has a great day, check back later for a full report on Body Combat if I can make it to the class.

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  1. September 9, 2009 3:34 pm

    Seriously, today is such a cool date! Yum dinner looks good–I LOVE green beans!

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