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You can do it if you try V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!

September 8, 2009


God I had SWEEEEEET hair!  So big and luscious!

So this is me from high school…representing Seymour Class of 1994!

One of our cheers used to be:

“You can do it if you try V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!!!”

Well, I’ve had a small victory, I’m actually down a pound from Friday!  I had my weigh-in today with my trainer, and even after a long Labor Day weekend with a few treats and lots of temptations, I’m still down.  So I’m halfway to my goal of losing 10 pounds before the reunion next weekend.  YAY!

I also got some great workouts in today:


#1) Workout 1

Biking 8 miles

40 minutes

342 calories burned

143 average HR

161 high HR

#2) Workout 2

Treadmill incline walking 1.56 miles

173 calories

123 average HR

141 high HR

#3) Workout 3

Circuits with trainer at Fitness Together

53 minutes

466 calories

Forgot to write down my heart rates


Feeling good, feeling on track.


Right now I’m trying to balance out fueling enough for all my sprint triathlon training and still lose a little weight.  I’m going to cut out pretty much all starchy carbs and fruit for now.  I will probably still eat apples.  My diet will be consisting of lean protein, veggies and good fats.  I find that i can eat this and lose weight.  Good fats will include hummus, olive oil and avocado.

Not everyone would lose on this plan, but I know it works for me.  Higher protein and fat, lower carbs is what does it for me. 



What works best for you in terms of eating? Do you find your body is more sensitive to sugar or carbs or fat than others?  Leave me a comment and let me know!!!

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  1. September 8, 2009 8:51 pm

    V I C T O R Y!
    Yay! Good for you and LOVE the hair! 🙂
    When I’m trying to lose weight I really do try to stay away from bad carbs obviously but I love fruit and make sure I eat it everyday in moderation. Lots of veggies and healthy fats!

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