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Gourd Explosion and an easy breezy run

September 8, 2009

Good morning bloggies!!!!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful and long Labor Day weekend!

Yesterday was a BBQ at my parents with my hubs, my bro and his girlfriend.  Oh, and my parents dog Buford.

100_1858    100_1860

He is super cute and he knows it!!

My mom had the house decorated for autumn with lots of beautiful gourds and fall colors…their house looked fabulous as usual!


100_1864     100_1865



When we got home I really just wanted to be lazy and sit around because it felt like a Sunday! But since it was actually Monday I knew I needed to get a workout in to stay on my sprint triathlon training plan.  So I headed out on my country route for a nice run.  I warmed up walking for about 7 minutes and then took off.  It felt great!!! My legs were loose and I felt like I was actually running pretty quickly.  It was a beautiful evening, cool and shady so that helped as well.


53 minutes (included the 7 min walking warmup)

approx. 4 miles

546 calories

159 average HR

187 high HR

That is a pretty high HR and I noticed it was running high throughout.  Just an interesting notation!

I need to get a study schedule and a training schedule down on paper.  I’m either biking or swimming this morning and strength training at noon. 

Check back later for an update!

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