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Spoooooky Saturday

September 5, 2009

It was so foggy and spooky this morning as I drove to meet my training run group at 6:30.  I saw lots of deer out in the mist and tried to get some pics but my camera isn’t good :<

Here was my spooky path I was driving:


Ok, more blurry than spooky but you get the picture!

Let’s back it up a little.  I woke up at 5:15 and did the usual, coffee, toast and peanut butter.

100_1839   100_1840


MMMM toast! One of my all time favorite comfort foods.

I checked the thermometer.  CRAP!!!!!!


49 degrees outside?!?  WHAT!?

Prince didn’t get up to see me out.


Georgie did get up, but only to sniff my peanut butter breath then right back to bed!


Then I headed out to my run.  Checked the thermometer in my car just to be sure:




We did about 5.5 miles in 1:00 and 30 seconds!!  Not too shabby.  Next weekend is the race (check out the details FREEDOM RUN) and we are going to rock it out!

I met the hubby at Panera after and had their new Power Sandwich and some hazelnut coffee.  2 pieces whole grain bread, ham, egg and cheese.  340 calories.  Not too bad!


5.5 miles

1 hr 30 seconds

651 calories

153 average HR

175 high HR


Got home and took the pups for a walk and get in a little more of a calorie burn


approx 2 miles

35 minutes

217 calories

125 average HR

176 high HR (this is when we met up with another dog and his owner going up a hill!)


GREAT calorie burn today, great way to kick off the weekend! Tomorrow is a much needed rest day and then back to the burn on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone! I will be back with a recap probably Sunday night or Monday morning!

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