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Swimming as Meditation

September 4, 2009

I hit the pool this morning and swam a half mile.  It still is hard, and really tires me out, but I did better than I did the other day.  It is so nice to just get in the pool, and have tune everything out. The only thing on my mind is the laps I’m counting. I just tune out everything, it is quiet and cool in the water.  It is a very nice way to work off any stress or issues in my mind.

I also was smarter than yesterday and brought a little snack because I knew I would be going straight to strength training with my trainer after.


I brought a huge bottle of water and a nice little sack of almonds which I munched on in the car on the way from swimming to training.


Here are swimming stats:

22:30 (easily beat my time from Wednesday!)

.5 miles

182 calories

139 average HR

156 high HR

Then I warmed up with 12 minutes on the treadmill and 13 minutes on the elliptical at Fitness Together.

25 minutes

154 calories

122 average HR

154 high HR

Then I hit it HARD with Lisa.  We had a great workout, and I was down .7 pounds from Monday.  Not bad, not great.  I can totally see my shoulder definition popping though…makes me want to get some more fat off the top of the muscle so I can really see all the definition.

Circuit stats:

47 minutes

448 calories

153 average HR

176 max HR


I just finished off a mixing bowl of salad for lunch and have plans for dog walking before collapsing this afternoon.  Big 5 mile training run tomorrow morning! Check back then for some weekend updates.


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