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Yum Yums and a bike ride

September 1, 2009

I hit the 9 mile bike trail this morning with Tammy and her friend Kate.  It was a somewhat leisurely ride…I could tell that I haven’t been on the bike in 2 weeks! I need to get back at it and the 9 miles today was a good start.  Didn’t get my heart rate up too high today, maybe because it was so cool out.

Training Stats:

57 mins

9 miles

353 calories

122 average HR

166 max HR

Came home starving and very excited to try my soup! I dished up a big bowl of it and made some “yum yums” on the side.  A yum yum is a whole grain tortilla cut into chip shapes, sprayed with a little bit of Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter Spray and dusted with garlic powder.  Threw those in the toaster oven while the soup was heating up.

Here is my bowl before I added the greek yogurt topping:


Here are my yum yums:


And then of course the love of my life:

100_1809    100_1811


Yep, I’m a big dork!  Don’t care though!

The rest of the day will be some additional exercise in the form of 2 dogs that need to be walked, laundry that needs to be done, aerobic bathroom cleaning and I am training 2 clients tonight!!!

Have a great day blog friends, see you soon!

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