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Hula Hooping is good exercise!

August 29, 2009

We have had a busy day!

Errands, more Ponderosa lunch, then about a mile walk down a nearby trail while the kids rode their scooters.

Then we hit the parking lot for some hula hooping!

My godson is an amazing hulahooper and I asked for a lesson.  I CANNOT hula hoop for the life of me and I could feel it in my abs!

100_1728   100_1729


Oh my goodness, I’m not good at this but I’m having fun trying!

100_1731  100_1737


Luckily we stopped at Old Navy this morning and I picked up a new pair of jeans for $19! These jeans are way too big and stretched out!  I also got a free t-shirt for buying a pair of jeans. Score!

Here’s Molly getting down with her hula hooping:




Then we had to do some fashion poses:

100_1748   100_1749






Here’s the cuties with their Star Wars gear:


And some more fashion:


Here is Ariel helping me check my Facebook:


I’m having so much fun with my pals here in NY!



So far I think I’ve had a pretty good balance of getting lots of activity in (formal and not so formal) along with decent eating.  I feel like the trip has been a successful balance of healthy living. I didn’t lose any weight, but I also didn’t gain any and feel great!

Molly and I are going to go on a little adventure tonight to end our trip with a bang…I may or may not blog about it!!! :>

Hope you all have a great weekend…I will be flying out tomorrow so probably won’t blog again until Monday when I have to check in for a workout and weigh in with my trainer.

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