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Slacky blogger and back to school

August 20, 2009


Sorry for slacking on the blog yesterday! Sometimes I just need a break from the computer.  I’m not sure if it is allergies or overtraining or weather or what but I have not been feeling myself the last couple of days.  I felt very light headed towards the end of my strength training on Tuesday.  I decided after a 60 minute dog walk yesterday to just take it easy and ended up just chilling the rest of the day rather than getting in my scheduled swim.

So far, not so good on scheduled training this week!  However, I have been working out very hard lately and need to listen to my body and take a small break.  The weather is keeping me from biking and swimming and I’m not too worried about running as I have a 5 miler scheduled for Saturday.  Looks like this week will jut be a little bit of a lighter week.


I should have taken pics of my dinner last night but I was too hungry and dug right in! I took one of the chicken breasts I had pre-cooked and cut it up.  I put a splash of olive oil in a pan with crushed red pepper and garlic and threw the chicken in.  I then put about 1/4 of a cup of salsa on there and cooked until hot.  I put in a bowl with a bit of greek yogurt on top.  About 5 minutes from start to finish and it was amazing!


There is a the tiniest bit of autumn in the air this morning which makes me think of BACK TO SCHOOL! Does it make me a big nerd that back to school is my FAVE time of the year? I used to love getting my school supplies and getting set up for a new year all the way through college.  I still love back to school because it feels like a fresh start.

So I’m taking a small break from super intense workouts and starting fresh on my healthy eating starting today! I will focus a little more on my attempt to get my healthy, clean eating on track as a way to fuel my training for my triathlon.

I leave you with a pic of me getting ready to go back to school in my sweet Seymour High School pom pom uniform…note the red and black shoelaces!  Awesome!



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