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Training Stats

August 15, 2009

Here are my training stats for the last 24 hours, fun comparison of intensity and activity:

Friday AM:  swim .5 miles (alternating crawl and breast stroke)

26 mins

188 cals

131 average HR

152 max HR

Friday afternoon: 18 miles bike (9 with a friend, 9 alone)

First 9 miles with my pal Tam:

60 mins

397 cals

126 average HR

166 max HR

2nd 9 miles alone:

44 mins

415 cals

150 average HR

173 max HR

Saturday AM: run 4.5 miles

55 mins

548 cals

155 average HR

175 max HR

This is me the rest of the weekend:

August 15 2009 002


I accomplished everything on my training list for this week except for one swim.  Next week need to kick it up on the swim.  I am looking forward to having a wonderful rest day tomorrow!  Have an excellent weekend bloggies….I will be back soon with some updates!

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  1. Christina permalink
    August 17, 2009 4:19 pm

    That is awesome! It’s what I feel like sometimes! hahahaha!

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