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Weekend Warriors Challenge!

August 14, 2009

First, the highlight of my night last night (and one of the highlights of summer):

One perfect tomato, sliced, a bit of kosher salt, a bit of freshly ground pepper…MMMMM.  My hubs and I demolished this!

The picture cannot do it justice!

The picture cannot do it justice!


I encourage everyone to keep up the water drinking and the 20-30 minutes of activity over the weekend.  Weekends DO count in your efforts for healthy living.  It is one of the challenges I face, especially when I was working full time.  You can’t let all your great habits go that you build up all week long.  It is much easier if you keep on doing all your great healthy habits during the weekend, then you don’t have to do damage control come Monday.  Have fun, enjoy your weekend, maybe have a cocktail, but drink your water and get your activity in.  It can only enhance your life!  If you are struggling to get motivated to do some activity, just keep in mind that you probably won’t regret doing a workout, but you probably will regret NOT doing a work out.

Looking for motiviation this weekend? Can’t find your mojo? Email me and I will try and help you out!

I have a lot of exercise planned for the next 24 hours, and I’m looking forward to a nice rest day on Sunday!

Friday:  study, swimming laps, biking a minimum of 9 miles, hope to do 18

Saturday: 4.5 mile training run early morning

Sunday: glorious REST day

Hope everyone is getting through their Friday’s and getting ready for the weekend….have a good one bloggies!!!

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