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Prescription for exercise..and a really big salad

August 13, 2009

I ended up tricking myself into working out last night by putting on some of my new workout clothes.  Once I had the clothes on it was easier to make myself go.  First each pup got a 30 minute walk which was a good warmup for me.  Then I headed out on a run.  It was a hard run that I struggled through.  It was hot, humid, and I was STILL sore from my butt on a platter workout the other day.  I pushed through by doing segments of running 5 minutes/walking 1 minute.   I didn’t want to totally give in and walk so that was a good alternative.  I also was singing “Wild At Heart” by Gloriana at the top of my lungs which reinvigorated me!  The guy who passed me on his bike didn’t look quite as impressed.

My approx 4 mile run/walk stats:

58 minutes

576 cals

155 average HR

179 max HR

I’m supposed to be doing strength today which I’m doing at noon with my trainer and then need to fit a swim in.  Not sure how that will happen.  I need to find an indoor pool to swim at ASAP.  Any readers in the area have any ideas for me?????


How are you doing on getting in your water and your 20 minutes?

Did you know that just 20-30 minutes of activity today may not help you lose weight, but it can prevent heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, control anxiety, etc etc.  Just 20 minutes a day should be prescribed by every doctor as a great preventative medicine.  Working out is not necessarily about losing weight and looking good, it should also be about staying or getting healthy to prevent spending a lot of time and money at the doctor.  If you could prevent illness and debilitating disease by doing 30 minutes of exercise now, why wouldn’t you?

Walking is easy, free, accessible and can be tailored to any fitness level.  Take a walk with your spouse, kids, dogs and catch up on their days.  20-30 minutes a day…that is my prescription for you!


When I got home from my hot and sticky run all I wanted was “wet” food.  I snacked on some grapes and pounded some water while I made my salad.  I used a huge mixing bowl so I would have room for the salad and able to toss it.  I used a lettuce mix dressed with a bit of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I also used a Boca chicken patty that I cooked in the microwave and cut up and put on the salad.  I always need a little bit of crunch so I put a small amount of these tasty wonton strips.  Just a few to add crunch without adding too many calories.  I had a large cup of red grapes on the side.  Can’t wait to repeat this for lunch!  I felt weird eating out of this huge mixing bowl, but the salad had room and I was able to thoroughly mix all ingredients.

August 13 2009 002    August 13 2009 005   August 13 2009 004


Note: this was not my cup of grapes, this is the serving bowl! :>

August 13 2009 003


See you for some more recipes later…I’m cooking up something not so healthy for the hubs for dinner!

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