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Eyes without a face…I mean a face without eyes!

August 12, 2009

So here was my buddy for the day:

August 12 2009 010


HA! So creepy!  That was my “face” for CPR/AED class.  Basically I held onto the “face” and when it was my turn to practice I inserted my face into Brad:

August 12 2009 008


Then I did my 2 breaths/30 compressions combination over and over.  I really felt the class was very helpful and I feel confident that I could perform CPR on someone in an emergency situation! Learning to use the AED was very interesting as well (portable defribrallator).  It basically talks to you and tells you what to do, and you can increase the survival rate of someone who goes down by up to 90%. 

Yesterday I completed a 12 mile bike near my bro’s condo as my plans to bike with a friend had to get rescheduled.  My stats for my ride:

47 minutes

465 cals

153 average HR

174 high HR

When I got home later I walked each dog about 30 mins…probably 1.5 miles each.  Here are my stats for the walks just for comparison:

57 minutes (total)

337 cals

119 average HR

150 max HR (during a hill)

Such an interesting comparison, esp. on the heart rate!

My mom and dad were in town and my mommy took me on a little “back to school” shopping spree.  Being unemployed right now I haven’t been buying much that isn’t necessary so it was fun to get some stuff.  My goodies include a new vegetable peeler, popsicle molds (I will be featuring these on the blog soon), a super cute little doggie poo bag holder and then some new workout clothes from Old Navy.  I’ve never bought workout clothes from Old Navy before but they had a large selection…I will review once I get a chance to try it all out.

Thanks mom and dad for the fun stuff!!

August 12 2009 002    August 12 2009 003


Yes, that is a massive zucchini back there! Yum!

Here are some great shirts that were 2 for $15 at Old Navy! Great deal!!

August 12 2009 004


I need to do some kind of workout for myself today and still try and walk the dogs.  I’m not very motivated right now…yes, it happens to me too! I will probably walk the dogs first as a warm up and then try and go for a run.

I leave you with the dorkiness that is me (my CPR class was cracking up at me):

August 12 2009 009

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