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August 10, 2009

BLOGGIES!! Welcome back after the weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend and got to enjoy some of summer.


The Dierks Bentley/Brad Paisley concert on Friday was AWESOME!  We were about 20 feet away from the stage! The tickets I got us ended up being awesome…it was a great show and couldn’t have asked for a more fun time! I didn’t bring my camera which I was really sad about later after seeing how close our seats were to the stage, but it was raining when we left and I wasn’t sure what the night would hold.  I did pose for one before I left the house:

August 10 2009 003



Saturday dawned EARLY.  I was up at 5:30 after going to sleep at 1:00 AM.  UGH!!  I had some peanut butter toast and coffee and headed out in the rain to meet up with my brother at Fitness Together as we were leading the training run (we are doing a 5.6 mile run Sept. 12). It was getting close to 6:45 AM and no one was there…we thought maybe the rain was scaring everyone off.  Suddenly we had about 5 people show up so we headed out in the rain!  I ended up doing 4 miles in the rain…but I loved it! It was much better to run in the cool rain than the anticipated 90 degree weather for later in the day.  I was done with my workout by 9 AM and on my way home for a nap.


Just made up my initial to-do list for the week.  Do you all still use paper to-do lists? I can’t get away from it.  I keep a notebook with my lists and each week I start my new list on Monday, transferring any undone tasks from last week.  Down the right hand side I have three categories that I like to check off once I’m done…gives me a sense of accomplishment! My categories on the right hand side include: studying, workouts, and dog walking.  Then I have my “general” to-do list down the rest of the page and at the bottom I put a few things that the hubs takes care of. 

On the left is last week’s list crossed off and marked up and on the right is the beginning of this week’s list…lots more will be added to it by the end of the week:

August 10 2009 005      August 10 2009 006


My tentative tri training schedule this week depending on weather and other factors:

Mon–strength, run




Fri–strength, bike

Sat–run (4.5 mile training run scheduled)


I also have my CPR/AED class on Wednesday.  I am required to take this course before I can take my personal training certification exam and I also wanted to have it as I continue to lead the training runs at my fitness studio as I feel that someone should know what they are doing when we are out there running!!!

Congrats go out to Christina who completed her sprint tri including a 1/3 mile ocean swim, 15 mile bike and 3 mile run in Maine yesterday.  I cannot WAIT to get her race report and hear all about her experience!!!

Check back later!!

Here is what Prince is doing in this hot (finally summer) weather:

August 10 2009 002

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