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I’ve been served

August 10, 2009

Ha! That is how it felt today at my workout…like I got served my butt on a platter!

Today was the first workout with my trainer in about a week and a half…we both kept having to reschedule.  We repeated the super tough workout from 2 weeks ago and I am going to be SORE tomorrow!  Weighted side lunges with a kick, reverse lunges with a knee up and a kick, squat jumps on the box, drop sets of lateral raises and chest press, along with some other stuff that hurt so bad I think I’ve blocked it out at this point! HA!

But I’m relieved to have it over and done with and feel great! Plus my weight was down from last time which was a relief.  I’ve been struggling a bit to balance my training and intense exercise with eating enough to fuel me but still lose weight.  A lower number on the scale, even though it was only a half pound is inspiring and makes me want to continue my clean eating and my workouts.  Just gotta keep rolling!

I tried to do my scheduled run after my workout but ended up walking about 1.5 miles instead.  My legs were tired and I was super dehydrated.  I didn’t want anyone to find my body on the side of the road shriveled up from lack of liquids so I headed back.  I did a 20 minute elliptical warmup before my strength workout so that is probably sufficient.  If the weather holds out and my legs feel like it I may do a nice little jog later but I’m definetely going to listen to what my body wants.  An episode of 90210 in my cool basement while I fold some laundry may be in order instead!!

I leave you with the funniest website you may not be reading…  I laugh OUT LOUD almost everytime I read this site…these ladies have a razor sharp commentary on the clothes that celebrities try to get away with, and some of the “conversations” they come up with between the celebrities should win awards!!!

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  1. August 11, 2009 1:08 pm

    With fresh fruit in season, perhaps a novel tasty treat can include fruit kabobs….skewer pineapple chunks, wedges of nectarines, red or green grapes,kiwi, star fruit, whole strawberries on sticks—arrange on a platter with fresh yogurt on the side for dripping or drizzling. Then the platter is the centerpiece for a family snack, party appetizer or dessert!

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