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Zippy Chicken, Zucchini Pasta and Country Music

August 7, 2009

Last night’s dinner was DELISH!  My hubby and I sampled some chicken with a new rub last weekend at the grocery store and we purchased some as it was very tasty.  It is a buffalo wing rub. We were waiting for a free night to actually have time to grill it up and enjoy.  Last night was perfect.

Before I left for my mini-tri I rubbed both sides of the chicken with the rub and put in the fridge to sit and absorb.

August 7 2009 002     August 7 2009 005


While the hubs cleaned off the grill I made up the veggie sides: big salad with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato and goat cheese, sweet potato fries and my new experiment thanks to inspiration from Green Dog Wine (  Zucchini pasta!

August 7 2009 007      August 7 2009 006


The zucchini pasta is something I’ve been eager to try as I cut pasta and rice from my diet right now.  I used a veggie peeler to cut an entire medium zucchini into strips, sprayed a cookie sheet with cooking spray, dusted the “pasta” with garlic powder and threw it into the 350 degree oven with the fries.  The zucchini cooked up a lot faster than the fries so I pulled it out and had it as an “appetizer” while the chicken cooked.  Similar to cooked spinach, the cooked zucchini pile was a lot smaller than the raw.  I put a bit of sea salt and a dab of butter on the “pasta” and ate.   Verdict:  oooooooh yes!!!  I thought it was delicious.  The hubs wasn’t convinced, but I’m excited to make a huge plate of this “pasta” and put some tomato sauce on it.  What a great low cal alternative to pasta!

August 7 2009 009   August 7 2009 010

Final result

Final result


The rub on the chicken turned out very good….the rub crusted up and had a great zip to it.  We are excited to try it on shrimp as well! Here is my plate…since I already ate my zucchini it looks a little monotone!  It was a big piece of chix, probably 1.5 portions.  But I ate the whole thing!!!

August 7 2009 012

Here is the hubby enjoying his dinner with a neccesity….Sam Adams!

August 7 2009 013      August 7 2009 014


Tonight is a very exciting night in Courtney Land.  My sister in law and I are going to see Brad Paisley and DIERKS BENTLEY in concert!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I’ve never seen Brad Paisley so I’m fired up.  Dierks is my country boyfriend and I’ve seen him in concert once before…I love him.  Can’t wait to put on the cowgirl hat and listen to some great tunes.  Hopefully the horrible weather holds off, but we have pavilion seats so either way we can get our country on.

Have a great Friday blogggies!!!  I will probably post once more before the concert….check back soon!!!

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  1. August 7, 2009 4:08 pm

    Thanks for the link lovin! 🙂 Everything looks great! 🙂

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