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Mini Triathlon-it’s all MENTAL

August 6, 2009

WOW!!!  I just got home from completing a mini-triathlon!!

(quick side note…Bare Naked Ladies are playing at the Peach Pit After Dark right now LOL)

Ok, back to the mini-tri.  Truth be told the swimming portion occurred 3 hours before the rest of it.  But here is what I did today:

13 laps in the pool which equals about .40 miles

9 miles of biking at the forest preserve

2 miles of running at the forest preserve

I did my swimming that was on my training schedule this morning.  I have to admit, it is HARD.  I’m really nervous about the swim portion.  But I just keep telling myself I have 2 months to build up my endurance and I just need to step up my training.  I came home and walked the dogs and had lunch and then headed out to meet my friend Tammy for a bike ride.

We did a nice 9 miles and then I decided I wanted to hop off the bike and do a 1 mile run to get a feel for the transition from biking to running.  Well I did the mile and then Tammy suggested I try to do one more mile.  What?!?  Why would I do that? I can’t do that!  Physically my body could do it, I could tell.  But my mind was playing tricks on me, telling me I couldn’t do it.  Well, Tammy told me to go and she was cheering me on, riding her bike right next to me. 

I decided to block out the negative self talk and just focus on the fact that it felt like my body could do it.  And I did it! And I felt good and I ran decently fast…for me anyways!

I now know without a doubt that I can do this sprint tri…I just need to keep working at it and focusing on the swimming and I will get there.  Thanks to everyone’s support and encouragement! It does make a difference.

Special shout out to Tammy for helping me push through today…..DON’T LET THE FAT CATCH YOU!!!!

I will be back later with tasty dinner…it is marinating right now!

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  1. Jen permalink
    August 7, 2009 1:42 am

    Congrats friend, keep up the excellent work!

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