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There was some adventure today for sure!!!

August 3, 2009

But let me rewind first. 

Here is my training schedule for the week:





Fri-Strength and Bike

Sat-Run and possible swim

Sun-possible swim/rest

Today’s run was accomplished! I started feeling a bit better around noon and it was supposed to get hot later today, so I headed out.  I didn’t feel great still so I decided to walk a mile and see how I was.  I felt ok after the walk so started running.  Did the next 3 miles in about 33 minutes which is FAST for me and a minute and a half faster than my July 5k!  WHOOO. 

Workout stats:

55 mins

519 calories

151 average HR

184 high HR

Total: 4 miles

Felt great after that!  Had a small bowl of the turkey chili which tasted awesome and then walked to the pool.  Hung out there for 2 hours and came home to the adventures.

Since we are trying to cut back on unnecessary costs right now, the dogs no longer go for their $80 grooming sessions, instead we have been bathing them at home.  I’m not sure who it is more traumatic for…me or the dogs!  Georgie tolerates it, but try wrestling a 90 pound golden retriever into the tub that doesn’t want to go.  RIGHT!!!  Put it this way, dog grooming is not on the list of backup careers! I got smart and put a towel in the bottom of the tub when I put Prince in, I think this helped because he can’t get his footing in the tub and that is what freaks him out. 

Here are some photos of my dogs not appreciating my attempts to clean their stinky selves:




I'll still try to kiss you when you try to dry me off mom!

I'll still try to kiss you when you try to dry me off mom!


UGH!  Anyways, after all that soggy excitement, I took them outside and got stung by a very angry wasp on the back of my arm.  That HURT.  So I won’t be trying any new recipes tonight and will rely on my turkey chili for dinner!!!

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