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Weekend Wrap-up

August 2, 2009

Hi there bloggies…I think I may have a few new readers out there, welcome!

Hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the weekend.

Saturday we did not have good weather.  It was about 68 degrees and misty most of the day.

I was up and moving at 5:30 AM for my training run that I help lead at my trainer’s studio.  I had some coffee and a piece of toast with peanut butter. I met the group at Fitness Together at 6:30 AM and we stretched and took off.  I once again led the walk/run group.  We did a 3 minute run, 2 minute walk pattern for 3 miles.  It is soooo fun to run with a group! I chatted with one lady in particular the whole way and the 3 VERY HILLY miles flew by.  Next Saturday my brother and I are leading the two groups….should be fun! My group will be doing 3.5 miles.

Once I left the training run I swung through the Dunkin Donuts drivethrough and picked up an egg white flatbread sandwich and an iced coffee. I headed straight out to our cottage where the tennis tournament was being held that my husband I are were participating in.  It was a tennis fun day of doubles, we got matched up with a different partner each time.  Everyone got a chance to serve once we were out on the courts, so each set was a total of 4 games.  I ended up playing 16 games and winning 9.  Not too bad! It was a lot of fun and we plan to play with this crowd again soon.

Here's me in the teal!!!!
Here’s me in the teal!!!!


After the tennis tourney we hit up Costco for some much needed staples like water, paper towels, soda, fruit, cookies and beer.  Some of those items are for the hubby and some are for me!  Once I got home we put everything away before I could get photo so here is a mini sample of what we got:
August 2 2009 002     August 2 2009 003
Mmmm…these falafel balls look sooooo good! I plan to make a dip of greek yogurt, cucumber, onion and vinegar to go along with these.  We also bought some grilled chicken and mozzarella ravioli for my hubby’s dinners and a container of fish oil tablets that should last me a whole year!!
These are the BEST cookies on the planet and we got them for my hubby but they are calling my name and I know I will end up sneaking one:
August 2 2009 004
After all of this excitement we came home and I crashed for a nice 2 hour nap. Aaaaahhhhhh!
We ended up hanging out and watching the Best Songs of the 80’s marathon on VH1.  We always end up getting sucked into these marathons on VH1.
Today I went to a very nice baby shower and yes, I had a piece of cake.  I wouldn’t shut up about cake and the next time someone was having a wedding or shower so I could get some more!  Luckily there is a wedding and a baby shower coming up in the future so I can get my fix.  Cake at a party is just so much fun!  My friends were laughing at me for going on and on about cake when I’m trying to write this healthy living blog so I just had to bring it up.  I made myself a small plate of the food at the party so I would be able to enjoy my cake guilt free!  It is a treat that I don’t have too often so I ate it without guilt.
After hanging out with the ladies I headed back home and went to the pool at our cottage and got some sun and chlorine for a few hours.  Now I’m home and catching up on some laundry and my to-do lists for the week. 
Hope you all had a great weekend and have something fun to look forward to this week!
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