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Fitness Items I can’t live without..#1

July 23, 2009

One fitness item I absolutely cannot live without is my Polar heart rate monitor.  My heart rate monitor allows me to push my intensity up or down and also offers me motivation.  This is the one piece of fitness equipment I would recommend anyone make an investment in!

My little pink lovey

My little pink lovey

The strap goes around my chest and the watch part goes on my wrist.  When I first got the monitor I was able to program it with my age, height, weight and heart rate ranges.  I’m happy to say that since I received the monitor in December 2008 I have had to reprogram my weight and I’ve also had to tighten the chest band more than once!
The heart rate monitor allows me to monitor my heart rate as I exercise, so I make sure that I’m working out hard enough.  I know I need to ratchet up the intensity if my heart rate is too low.  I can also monitor my resting heart rate if I’m just sitting around.  I’m happy to report my resting heart rate has gone down as I’ve gotten fitter which is great because it means my heart isn’t working as hard when I’m resting.  I also notice that I have to work harder and longer now that I’m fitter to keep my heart rate up. 
The motivation factor comes from my heart rate monitor letting me know how many calories I’ve burned in a workout.  It is great to see that I’ve burned 450 calories after a run or 250 from walking the dogs.  This allows me to push myself to burn my calorie goal every day.  I’ve also noticed that I burn less calories doing the same activities now that I’m fitter.  This makes me push myself to burn the same amount of calories…so I go longer distances or for longer periods.  What a great motivation to get done with a workout and see what I accomplished! I track my minutes and calories burned on so I meet my goal of burning 4,000 calories a week and a goal of 420 minutes of exercise a week. 
One more great thing, I was able to use my flexible spending money to purchase the heart rate monitor in December of 2008 when I had some extra money leftover at the end of the year that I had to use up.  So I stocked up my first aid kit and medicine cabinet and then used the leftover $100 or so to buy my pink lovey!  $100 might seem like a lot but I wear it every single day and feel the investment was worth it.
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