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Current Obsessions/Biking Challenge

July 21, 2009

Right now I’m obsessed with:

greek yogurt


my itouch


reading blogs/blogging

strength training


What are you guys into right now? Leave me a message in the comments!

My lovely friend Jen lent me her road bike for the summer so that I can use it to train and for my sprint tri in September (thanks Jen!).  I’m taking it to a local bike shop today to make sure it is road ready and adjusted properly to fit my height.  I cannot WAIT to get out on the bike and start putting some miles on it.  I have been riding my mountain bike around and once I jumped on the road bike it was such a huge difference, I’m really glad Jen convinced me to give it a try.  There are tons of great biking paths in the general vicinity, so I have plenty of places to go and try out my new wheels! As long as I can do 12.4 miles in a decent time by the end of September I’m ready to roll.

Today will be a challenge as I’m meeting my family at Maggiano’s for lunch.  Maggiano’s is not known for their healthy options, so I’m going to check out the menu online beforehand and make my decision.  This is a great trick I’ve used over the years, checking out the menu online and making my selection beforehand so I’m not tempted by something I randomly spot on the menu.  Many restaurants also offer nutrition info online which can be EYE OPENING.  Many dishes in restaurants have over the amount of fat, calories and sodium recommended for a whole day.  Even the low fat and low cal items have tons of sodium, and anyone watching out for their health should be concerned about that.  However, eating out is a treat that we have cut way back on, so I plan to pick out my meal and enjoy it…and I’m sure I will have leftovers to create another meal with later.

I will check back in later to let you all know how it goes with the bike…cheers!

Here’s the fam in March at brunch:

Brunch 3-1-09

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  1. Michelle permalink
    July 21, 2009 4:32 pm

    Photography and learning techniques, reading photography blogs, enjoying what is left of summer with my boys, getting ready to go camping, eating healthy out of my garden! I am getting GREAT tips from you in the eating healthy department Courtney, THANK YOU!

  2. Christina permalink
    July 22, 2009 1:07 pm

    I’m really into swimming these last few weeks. At lunch I ride my bike from work to the pool, swim 10 laps and ride back. It’s an outdoor pool so I get a workout AND some well needed vitimian D! Although my tri swim is an ocean swim, and I’m a little nervous about the salt water… I like the chlorine, I can see the bottom, there aren’t any tides and there’s no fish!
    Changing the subject, tell me more about greek yougart… where do I find it and what do I do with it?

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