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July 20, 2009

Couple of exciting things for Monday morning!  I signed up for the CPR class I’m required to take before I can take the ACE personal training certification exam.  I also will feel more comfortable leading the Saturday morning training runs after getting a refresher course on CPR, been many years since I’ve taken that course.

Second exciting thing is I found a great 12 week sprint training plan I am going to follow loosely…I have 10 weeks until my event.

I plan to do my strength training with my trainer 3 days a week, Mon, Wed, Fri, and then I have to fit swim, bike, run and bricks in there as well.

For now I think I will be doing:

Day One: Run

Day Two: Bike

Day Three: Swim

Day Four: Rest

Day Five: Run

Day Six: Bike

Day Seven: Swim

Of course I still want to squeeze in some training for the 5.6 miler in September, dog walking, tennis playing, cross training fun.  Sounds like I’m going to be very busy for the next 10 weeks.  At some point, probably around week 4, I’m going to start working in the “brick” workouts which consist of biking and running. 

One small glitch right now is that the pool I plan to swim in is still not open due to some repairs…hopefully it will be by the weekend or I will need to find a plan B!   My pal Kim who is doing the Olympic triathlon with a relay team told me about an open water swim in the area on Wednesday nights that I just might have to check out, I’m nervous about it but might as well jump right in!

Today I have strength and running.  Better get going!

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