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Bringing Braids Back

July 20, 2009

First I just want to show you a picture of my massive tub of Sabra hummus from Costco.  So in love with this hummus.  I spread it on wraps, dip veggies in it, plop it on soup, put it on sandwiches, eat it with a spoon, etc etc!! Using it in place of mayo, salad dressing or cream cheese it is a great and creamy alternative with a lot of flavor.  I’ve tried a lot of different brands and Sabra is definitely my fave!

July 20 2009 003  I posed my cell phone next to it for scale.

So my favorite “hair-do” lately for when I’m working out is the braid.  I know braids aren’t trendy right now, but I love em! Plus, holding my arms up for five minutes to braid my hair is a good warm up for some hard core arm workouts! The braid keeps my hair neat and tidy and out of my face and I personally think braids are pretty!  So I’m bringing it back girls…braid it up!  Dudes…you should pass on this look.

July 20 2009 007


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