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Some Beach, Some Where

July 17, 2009

There is a great song by Blake Shelton (country artist) talking about the bad day he is having…traffic, parking lots, the dentist.  And all he can think about is “some beach, some where.”  That is the kind of day I was having!  My husband and I have been watching the Real World Cancun even though we are about 15 years too old to admit to that, but we do it mainly to get a glimpse of the beach and sign longingly…some beach, some where.

My day definetely got better once I met up with my trainer Lisa at her studio, Fitness Together (  We are working together on getting some training runs put together for a 9.11 kilometer (5.6 mile) run we are participating in on September 12 in Barrington.  Anyone in the area who is interested in participating in either a walk or run, please check it out: We Do Care,

Lisa and I decided to walk the race route to see how it was so we took off even with some black clouds over head.  The 5.6 miles took us about an hour and 30 minutes to walk..with a few detours! Tomorrow morning I will be up bright and early to lead the beginner’s 2 mile training run at 6:30 AM for those that are participating in the race and looking for some training guidance.  I’m looking forward to pulling the old cheerleader in me out and cheering on the newbies as we do a easy 2 mile run.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend, even though the weather here in the midwest is BLAH.  Just keep thinking: “some beach, some where.”  If anything exciting happens over the weekend I will be sure to update here!

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