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Wacky Wednesday

July 15, 2009

Well, it isn’t really wacky but I’m trying to make this post more exciting!

So I was weighing myself this morning and noticed something, I was sucking in my stomach while weighing myself! Really? Did I think if I sucked in that a few extra pounds would magically not appear on the scale!?  HA!!!  Does anyone else do this?

I’m getting my triathlon training schedule together and will be revealing it next week, so stay tuned! I am planning to swim at the pool down the street from our house, so will be able to bike there as well.  Oooh, a brick workout without even trying! The pool was having some work done and hasn’t opened yet for the summer but should be open this weekend so I can get going.

I feel GREAT after my rest day yesterday…full of energy and awake. So it is obvious that it was much needed.

I’m going to get to work studying (working on Fitness Evaluations right now) before I leave for a butt-kicking with my trainer!


Metzel Wedding July 2009 031

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  1. Christina permalink
    July 15, 2009 3:59 pm

    ohhh… I want to know your training schedule! I’m headed over to the pool for 8 laps in the pool and a 5 mile bike ride in the surrounding neighborhood… it’s tricky trying to fit tri training into a one hour lunch… but I do what I can.

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